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18th January 2013, 11:18
Hi all you lovely people.

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments but I am sure you can understand that I can't possibly start Clueless on Tuesday in light of RE's decision to leave the site - it just wouldn't feel right. I am serious about this so I would appreciate it if someone could step in for me. Thankyou xxx
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18th January 2013, 11:39
@ emrach and redundantelf......

Please reconsider. Early on in Clueless I set the word "tmesis" to be clued. One contributor was angry because he didn't know what the word meant, and complained that I was being ridiculous.( yes, he did google it.)

It did take the "shine" off my turn as setter, so I can understand your disappointment. I did not let it put me off, just tried to grow a thicker skin.

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18th January 2013, 13:58
Perhaps I should not stick my beak in here as I have never participated in any of these regular features (not confident in my abilities to do so).

However as Matron and chief knitter of this parish I hate to see disharmony - the word 'purists' has been used and I can understand that if you are attempted a high quality puzzle in a reputable paper, but surely here some leeway should be allowed or it takes away any fun at all.

Try to reach some form of compromise and if anyone leaves then....erm - I will be cross.
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18th January 2013, 14:01
Well said mamya....lovely to see you....x
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18th January 2013, 14:21
Hi mamya
So YOU are Matron??
This is all so sad and, as ixion pointed out, one of the greatest clue setters of all time does not always go by strict Ximinean rules. Nor do we.
It's a sine que non that the setter of Clueless can chose whichever post s/he likes. Many people have supported you, RE. Please encourage emrach xx
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18th January 2013, 14:22
Rosalind - I have, look on the bullfrog thraed
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18th January 2013, 15:12
Hi all

Thanks for all the very kind posts throughout the various threads, I feel very humble. Emrach has made her decision about not setting Clueless next week and is sticking to it - so I believe bullfrog will step into the breech next Tuesday. Thanks for that bullfrog

I will think about what has transpired today over the weekend and decide what path I should take - but thank you for all your thoughts.

I think we can now put this to bed as this thread is rapidly coming into competition with 'poser of the day'

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bobs mum

18th January 2013, 15:17
Dear RE, as u say, think about it over the weekend --- and as u said to me this morning 'i will leave it to u to make that decision, i am sure it will be the right one' (or words to that effect, came back to bite you on the bum)Think long and hard and I WILL SEE YOU MONDAY ON CLUE CHAIN --- OR ELSE x stay warm
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greedy kite

18th January 2013, 16:31
Only just caught up on all this. I would like to plead with emrach AND RE to reconsider & carry on as usual: such a clue can be considered "cryptic" even if not conventionally so! We're all in it for the fun, & it would be a terrible pity if too much strictness changed that! PLEASE !!!
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18th January 2013, 17:30
Redundantelf STAY. please.

You do not want to mess with Mamya. Never knowingly wrong.

You have been warned!!!!!!!
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