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16th January 2013, 18:39
Congratulations, emrach.
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16th January 2013, 18:47
Congratulations, emrach.
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16th January 2013, 19:06
Congrats Emrach and thanks for the clip R-elf
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16th January 2013, 19:26
Congratulations, emrach and thanks for the mention reduntantelf.

@rosiland - my dad used to drive those in the days when GWR stood for Great Welsh Railwaymen...
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16th January 2013, 19:56
Thankyou for all the congratulations and in my chuffness - if there is such a word - forgot to acknowledge all the wonderful clever entries compared to my cheeky little clue. x
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17th January 2013, 20:21
Hi all
And congrats to emrach.
BUT Can I just say again that CLUELESS is a CRYPTIC CLUE competition ( It says it on the tin!)
Red ELf certainly picked two good-uns. Bullfrog and Ixion were well crafted and fulfilled the requirements.
BBM2 too was good but had to fail with a missing letter.
Emrachs clue certainly had a strong definition but the rest was certainly not cryptic. Cheeky yes but that is not a necessity.
There are two ways to the answer of a CRYPTIC clue -- one wont do -- The one checks and OKs the other.

Most entrants are trying hard to get there following the conventions
So it is up to the JUDGE to give us a Fair and Legal scrutiny.!!!
I do hope you agree-- otherwise the competition is severely compromised.

( The same goes for Peer Review)

Should be interested to read any views For or Against

With my goodwill
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17th January 2013, 22:32
Hi there

Just read Theambler's post I certainly don't mind withdrawing if my clue doesn't fit the criteria. As a newbie to cryptic crosswords (around 10 months) I am open to be educated on the finer points of composing a cryptic clue as I thought the idea was to provide clues that indicate a solution indirectly. As such I don't feel I should judge next weeks clueless - which to be honest has worried me slightly - as I have already stated in another post I might not even understand some of the clues!!!
I am not a huffy gal and no offense has been taken xxx

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17th January 2013, 22:43
Hi emrach
Thank you v.m. for your kindly worded reply.
Let us see what other regulars say
But I consider you fully-paid up so dont miss your turn
Lots of love
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17th January 2013, 23:24
T ambler...please I love you to bits BUT...please stop! My understanding of The beginnings of Clueless, Peer Review, Clue Chain and even Joint Effort was for people ( like me) was to learn and evolve .

There are obviously very, very, clever and advanced clue- ers and solvers on this site, and " we" the learners learn.

Constructive critism is good, but I feel sometimes your nitpicking , although you may be justified, could put people off participating.

I am sad that emrach even thought about withdrawing...

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18th January 2013, 01:15
Please discuss ....I really want I know what others think..

I thank you and much kissypoos.x
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