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16th January 2013, 17:04
Well done emrach , it made me laugh when I saw your clue. Well done RE, nice video. I saw Simon Evans for the first time last week and I must say he’s very good
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bobs mum

16th January 2013, 17:26
Well done emrach - nice one
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16th January 2013, 17:33
As soon as I saw your clue, emrach, I thought you'd win. Just love it, well done.

I was really gutted there wasn't a castle class loco named after my favourite city. 170 of them and not one Edinburgh!
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16th January 2013, 17:41

Hi Rosalind, re the Castle class is it because it is GWR perhaps?
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16th January 2013, 17:47
Hi jws, probably. I know zilch about trains but have son who loved them before he could speak and bought a Caerphilly Castle model on his 4th birthday. "How much change do you want, little boy?" "All of it"

Sorry I did not read your preamble, RE, will do so next week.
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16th January 2013, 18:17
Well done emrach....your clue did make me chuckle.

Great clip job seeker...I have seen him a couple of times at the Edinburgh festival.....he's brilliant.
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16th January 2013, 18:27
Congrats Emrach nice clue, very funny clip R. Elf and thanks to those that mentioned my offerings.
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16th January 2013, 18:29
Thanks everyone so so so pleased - sitting here with a big grin on my face and glad I put one on yours. Can't believe how chuffed I am. Thanks for the very funny clip RE really enjoyed it and not in the least bit offensive. Now the pressure is on for next week. Can someone tell me what time is considered the normal time for posting please. MRW didn't see your post but I am sure you all had a wonderful time.

Thanks again xxx
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16th January 2013, 18:29
Well done emrach .
I imagine that was a tough task redundantelf , and thanks for the mention - I was aware of Baldrick's K , my clue didn't really parse with an old leather belt !
Enjoyed the clip immensely thanks .
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greedy kite

16th January 2013, 18:34
Seldom laughed so much over a clue or a clip prize: congratulations to both of you! (Need some British humour badly here at the moment: weather atrocious & I'm ill. What on earth did I do before we bought a computer about 20 years after everybody else?)
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