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15th January 2013, 18:37
All the best, Jolan! Coincidentally, I just heard a radio ad inviting listeners to attend a "house-flipping seminar". Isn't that lovely? You learn how to buy houses on the cheap and sell them for a lot more- without using your own money! It must be so spiritually satisfying.
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15th January 2013, 18:41
Bet those who run the seminars are the only ones who make money, aristo!
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15th January 2013, 18:56
Many Happy Returns of the Day Jolan

btw Mr A - British politicians must have an eye on the USA as they have been 'house flipping' for many years here at the taxpayer's expense!
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15th January 2013, 19:32
Happy birthday, Jolan. Great clues again.
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15th January 2013, 20:16
Happy birthday, John. Great clues as always.
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15th January 2013, 21:37
MANY thanks you lovely people. I wish you all well. Gosh Tony! And here was I, thinking you were a young blade.

Ari. When I look around my extremely untidy study, I often say; "Golly! look at the state of this flipping house!
Good night all. Have a good week

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greedy kite

15th January 2013, 21:41
Just too late to catch you, Jolan -- but Happy Birthday all the same!
I had the first 4 right; for 5 I had LENGTHSMAN ,defined by Chambers as "the person responsible for a particular stretch of ... railway", which I thought was very appropriate for the "tailcopat" bit of your clue! What do you think (if you ever look here again)?
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