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15th January 2013, 17:10
And I didn't know that tracklayer is an American term. That pesky Atlantic again...
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15th January 2013, 17:15
Well John XX is apparently still out waving to the people, but that smartypants tony's answers are no doubt correct.
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15th January 2013, 17:22
I would agree Mr A, but thanks to Jolan (again) for getting the old grey matter trudging around.
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15th January 2013, 17:24
3 HITTITE but not sure of parsing. Rather stuck on Teti having beena Pharaoh. But it seems right, after much perusal of the Wikipedia entry on Syria, very helpful
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15th January 2013, 17:27
I expect dinner will be in order on J's return, too!
Wonder if they still have snow in N. Wales.
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15th January 2013, 18:18
Hello everyone, Ari (loved the broad band), Jazzy, P@, Andyc, Relf, GK, Mary6, vrk(Welcome!), ab (great no. 3 alternative but were they Syrian?), Ros (Yes! Just a dusting of snow. Walled around near Llanberis Pass and old snow frozen solid. Temp -1C; dunno what that is in Aritalk). Hope I haven't missed anyone.

Finally Tony. Yes folks, absolutely right again. His parsing is almost an exact copy of my own, so no need to post it.

I hate to say this (lol) but ouir outing was to celebrate my 76th, which was today. Groan! Actually, I'm as fit as the proverbial butcher's dog, diolch byth!

I'm off now to have my usual 8-courser and will peek in much later.

Haven't noticed much change in my broadband as yet.

Farewell for the mo.


Glad you enjoyed
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15th January 2013, 18:23
Happy birthday Jolan, have an extra-special birthday tea. Thanks once again for the challenging clues.

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15th January 2013, 18:28
Very Happy Birthday Jolan, and if it's any comfort, you are some distance behind me.

Enjoy the rest of your day.
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15th January 2013, 18:31
Many happy returns, Jolan.
Love Llanberis Pass
So Hittite was right? 2 out of 5 about my limit. Thanks, Jolan, very enjoyable.
Hope your broadband continues to function.
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15th January 2013, 18:34
Many happy returns of the day John. x
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