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25th September 2012, 20:55
84. I will submit my entry as Dress ring rather than Garbo ring because Garb O gives one the two words. If one uses Garbo as the first word, the O is not available to give the second word.

Thank you for your comment on 98 - better than Chopin, a sort of clog (finale = chop, plus I plus N from one's name).
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25th September 2012, 21:02
57. Finally = last letters

6. Policeman = DS
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25th September 2012, 21:18
badger4. Thanks for 57 - got it now.
6. I understand your hint and agree with it.
I had thought it was a 4 letter word with policeman.
re 84 I agree with you
garb = dress
0 = ring
I have finished now! What am I going to do with all my spare time!!
Thank you every one who has helped with 'hints' Will be in touch when the next quiz comes!!
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25th September 2012, 22:35
IN spite of all the help can't find 79. Can find words for residue but nothing to do with extremities and looked at the books mentioned. Found the word for 88 but can't find what that has to do with extremities. I must be jaded as these are all I need. Willing to help with other answers.
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25th September 2012, 22:49
Sorry with 88 meant I can't find the connection to more comfortable. It's getting late.
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25th September 2012, 23:41
Maisie P Done it too, finally a very large penny dropped after all the hints on the Swedish actress. Yes it will be nice to post it off and sleep at night. Dougglous nudged me to what seems like ages ago, it is a word for more comfortable. Think of horrible nights like we're having just now with the rain and wind, get a hot chocolate, water bottle and slanket and you'll feel much ------. Then wiki that word for spelling and meaning. Thanks friends old and new, see you in the Spring, it's been fun - I think!!
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26th September 2012, 07:23
One last question re 88. Would you go with the UK spelling with "S" rather than the US spelling with "Z"? Chambers directs one from S to Z.
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26th September 2012, 12:13
Another spelling query. Just filling in my form to send off and came to No 95. The word beginning with R - is it the noise or the sports item? What is the general opinion? I have the noise it not quite so sure now. Please let me know your thoughts - thanks
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26th September 2012, 12:39
95 - according to Chambers, ck will do for both.
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26th September 2012, 14:23
Yes I think ck goes better with the clue and wouldn't the alternative have 7 letters? Can somebody put me out of my misery with 79....the very last one? There must be something I just am not seeing. Is the answer grounds and if so why? Thanks Twinsman for the pointers for 88 although you probably not on line now you've finished. Congratulations .
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