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28th January 2013, 18:53
Just testing something.......
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28th January 2013, 18:55
I tested 'bold' earlier - did not work also this post is titled 1 of 51 when in fact it is 51 of 51
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28th January 2013, 18:57
I do love the fact that it takes you back to whatever thread you were responding too...well done.

The clue chainers will love that....

Although I am having difficulty actuall sending off the reply....not responding well...
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28th January 2013, 19:08
It's all a bit Matthew 20.16 for my liking;but I like the new view.
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28th January 2013, 19:11
Lol, Tony! ( OK, I did have to google it!)
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28th January 2013, 19:14
I don't like having to start at the bottom. You read the reply before you see the question. It's even worse when there are more than 10 pages. I wanted to read through Clue Chain as I missed it this afternoon. Surely the first post should be numbered 1 anyway.
Maybe I'm missing something.
I DO like being able to read the post I'm replying to and also to be able to return to it.
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28th January 2013, 19:15
have the overbearing, 'in your face', ads/pop-ups been sorted?

i think on the whole it's an improvement apart from the ridiculous reversed times arrow.

...maybe the font is crap too.
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28th January 2013, 19:18
Made me laugh! Thank you
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bobs mum

28th January 2013, 19:18
tonyw ----had to google it ---but ---good literary reference nice one
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28th January 2013, 19:21
We'll have to figure out some way to vote in Peer Review; whenever a message is posted ALL of the post numbers change. Also, we can't make references like "re Post 13", which one often wants to do if responding to someone's earlier comment.
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