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28th January 2013, 18:12
Thanks, liking the aesthetics of this version and the search facility...would it be possible to add a Newest/Oldest first option for comments similar to that on Guardian blogs?
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28th January 2013, 18:13
Don't like the new set up. I'm confused!
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28th January 2013, 18:26
It will definitely take a bit of getting used to, going backwards as it were. Also find I'm having to screw up my eyes to see it - this will create more unwanted wrinkles!
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28th January 2013, 18:30
Have you tried making the page bigger?
Press "Control" and "+" buttons!
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28th January 2013, 18:31
bigger is not the issue for me is the faint thin font that makes it hard to read, very little definition.
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28th January 2013, 18:31
I'm sure we'll get used to things in time! Love the search facility, but HATE the reverse order of replies!
You need to see the original question first to make sense of anything.
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28th January 2013, 18:44
I'd prefer the posts to be in chronological order. Oldest first.
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28th January 2013, 18:44
mamya is quite right, it is the girth of things that matter.
i also agree with Mags; having to scroll down to the bottom of the page to press "last" so that you can see the 1st is just dumb.
then you have to scroll right down again to read the posts sequentially.
i would have left it like it was but added the option to reverse the order of a thread once you had opened it (much less scrolling involved for my aching fingers).
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28th January 2013, 18:47
Giving up for now. Internet explorer keeps closing the page, letters are constantly missing and my husband thinks I'm arguing because I'm hitting the keys so hard!!
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28th January 2013, 18:51
I agree both rusty and Trevor's recent comments.....

I'm sure I will find it really annoying going backwards ...ixions idea about being able to choose makes sense, but if I was given a choice would prefer the way it was.

I do like being able to see the post I am replying too.

Did anyone actually " do any questionnaire
" on how the site could be improved???
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