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23rd January 2013, 18:19
GK If it helps, I'll leave the baby Grand at home ;)
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greedy kite

23rd January 2013, 18:54
That would be a pity, Jazzy (if I may continue to call you that):I was looking forward to al fresco concerts under the big oak tree every evening at sundown, whatever you play --- and I presume you sing as well?
We must just make sure there are plenty of big strong men around to carry the thing indoors quickly in the event of a hefty thunderstor. the advantage on this hill is, you can see them coming in from the Bay of Biscay. The bungalow was once struck by lightning while we were in it preparing to go out into the almost yellow atmosphere. You do enjoy natural dramas, do you?
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23rd January 2013, 19:00
The thing has castors, so all you need is some strong rope. After the initial tug, it will roll along nicely. Best to leave the singing to another guest. My Lena Horne impression has long ago ceased to impress. Jazzy x
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23rd January 2013, 19:56
Didn't receive my RT until this afternoon, but managed all before checking with you. Got 5d but thanks to you for parsing.
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25th January 2013, 10:34
Mamya thanks for solving my last week`s blank space. Now for this week`s

14D Consequently below exotic ocean plant (9)
I have ?E?N?T?U?

I see I was wrong about raven too, so maybe I am wrong elsewhere. By the way how did you all who are finished manage to get 2D? I have had to Quick Solve it and have still never heard of that word!!!

Weather report - Still no snow in Glasgow. Maybe, like Pipesmoker, we are protected by some nearby salt water. Glad to see you so chirpy Mr Pipesmoker.
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25th January 2013, 10:39
Hi mondrian
Your letters are correct. It's an anagram of "ocean", then a word for "consequently" (roughly). Shrub with small blue flowers.
You are not a wine drinker, I see! - 2d spread the disease that killed lots of vines in the 19th century.
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25th January 2013, 10:42
chrise - I confess I couldn`t get 2d until jazzgirl - who else? told me it begins with P !
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25th January 2013, 10:47
Thanks chrise. By the way I am a wine drinker!! But obviously lacking in any technical and/or historical knowledge about it.
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25th January 2013, 10:52
It was a major disaster, particularly in France. They had to import American vines (which were immune) to provide the rootstocks for grafting on their grape varieties. Some people who have drunk "pre-" wines say that the wines have never been the same since (though I doubt this).
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25th January 2013, 11:17
Morning all
I only solved 2d by entering pox + really + H into anagramsolver and the pest appeared !
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