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gok wan acolytes

12th January 2013, 12:43
Sad news, I think Araucaria was the setter of some of the alphabetical crosswords in The Puzzler which was my introduction to crosswords over 30 years ago.

I was hoping he'd live to 100 so the Queen could sent him an ANAGRAM.
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12th January 2013, 14:46
So so sad. Araucaria has been my favourite setter for many years and has even managed to get my husband interested with his clever clues. I have heard that cancer is often less aggressive in older people, so I wish him the longest and most comfortable time possible and will now treasure every one of his creations

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mrs trellis

12th January 2013, 15:54
Hear hear to all the above; long may the Rev. Graham receive successful 13,15a - I can't imagine Bank holidays without him. I've heard it said that a vicar's stipend isn't much but the retirement plan is out of this world. Let's hope so.
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12th January 2013, 23:53
Thanks for years of mostly pleasure from my favourite compiler. A Saturday with an alphabet puzzle........bliss. May he be as well and live as long as possible.
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13th January 2013, 15:46
I think that like many of you I've been entertained, frustrated and eventually on completion, feeling good in the knowledge that I had managed to solve another puzzle from - simply in my view - the Master. Many, many thanks and may God bless you John Graham.
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13th January 2013, 17:35
Sad news, indeed.

An absolutely brilliant crossword setter!

The fat lady has not sung yet, so I wish him as peaceful and pain free time as is possible.

Gods speed.
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greedy kite

15th January 2013, 08:07
It may interest people here to know that news of Araucaria's way of communicating the fact of his illness has now reached the French media: on "France Inter" radio a moment ago there was a short report based, I think, on an item in the newspaper "Figaro" today,describing in brief the latest developments, including his wish to be informed if the quality of his clues deteriorated in the future!Incidentally, I discovered the French have two distinct words, "cruciverbiste" for us solvers, & "verbicruciste" for the setters -- considering that the passion for cryptics prevails almost exclusively in Anglo-Saxon cultures (that's true, isn't it?),isn't it time we introduced the latter term into the English language?! gk
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