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3rd January 2013, 16:26
Chrise. Thanks for the response. Re TV, I suppose I should admit that I was especially upset by ending of Downton Abbey. But I have been given on loan lots of dvds of old films etc and been surprised by the number which I thought I had seen but hadn`t. It is good to get back to a bit of normality now. See you later.
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old gal

3rd January 2013, 16:32
Hello Mondrian - nice to see you are still posting. I seem to have improved slightly over my absence as am doing quite well with this puzzle. Am stuck on 10a though. I too was a bit miffed at the Downton Abbey ending. I also threw my slipper at the TV at the Killing ending - splutter splutter!!! Also, same with Homeland - WHATS WRONG with everyone................. I need proper closure.... (At least had Killing No. 1 for Xmas so can have a regular fix)
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3rd January 2013, 16:36
Are you asking for a clue on 10ac, old gal?
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3rd January 2013, 16:36
Nice to `speak` oldgal. I didn`t watch the Danish series this time. My granddaughter has the same name as the little girl kidnapped. Did they find her ok? What a coward I seem to be.
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old gal

4th January 2013, 10:27
Mondrian - yes, the little girl was found in the nick of time!!!! I know how you feel though - the older I get the less layers of skin I have - get very upset over animal programmes now where they are tearing each other to pieces!!!!!!! Chrise - yes, another clue to 10a would help - not too cryptic though!!! Thanks in advance
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4th January 2013, 10:41
Hi old gal, try this if it is the correct clue.

10a. No alternative but to place king in cave (6)

Santa's cave !!

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4th January 2013, 11:50
The worst TV ending, I think, was The Sopranos`. I hoped they`d left an opening for another series.
I`ve been watching Victoria`s Children. Had no idea what a monster she was! M.
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4th January 2013, 16:04
Old gal. Thanks for your reassuring words. If you are like I am in getting upset, I do not feel so bad!!!

I seem to have one left undone
5A Sheep farmer in old enclosure (6)

Any help appreciated.
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4th January 2013, 16:07
hi Mondrian
It's the name of a type of sheep and it's hidden if you read across the clue :)
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4th January 2013, 16:18
Jazzgirl. Of course it is - but thank you for pointing me in the right direction, yet again. I imagine you will be keen to get back into your garden soon, as indeed am I. Today was really quite warm in the sun and if this keeps up the bulbs I planted will be starting to come through. A happy gardening year to you.
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