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24th November 2012, 12:59
Glad to hear from you Pipesmoker and to know that you are feeling a bit better. Visited the SGH last week to accompany a friend to a clinic at Area 4. They seem to be building all over the place at that hospital. The place is going to end up gigantic.

Thanks for your assistance chrise and jazzgirl with my foreign fan query. Think I have the answer now. Does the word start with an `X`?.

The weather here seems to alternate - one nice day, then one pouring rain and now another nice day. Off to the shops.
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24th November 2012, 13:01
It does start with an X, mondrian.
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24th November 2012, 18:41
Hi, Mondrian. Hope you are well.

Yes, the building work is quite something I have watched buildings rising from holes in the ground. (Strange how the male of the species can find entertainment just watching someone else work).

Best wishes

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