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8th November 2012, 22:32
You'll be ok with the speccie this week - all straightforward
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9th November 2012, 03:13
Hi Mrs T and Dizoz,

Ridiculously, 3D was the first clue I got at the beginning of the week as I heard the homonym immediately but could not work out why it was correct. I still couldn't even after I got 29A but can now thanks to you. Still cannot work out why 12A is what it is but I suppose it must be.

Still struggling with 23A, I'm sure I know what to put in the grid but I have no idea why...
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mrs trellis

9th November 2012, 07:26
Morning angst; 23a is the partner of din backwards in triad. 12a is the partner of '10' in 3-letter word for union (......the knot), reversed.
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9th November 2012, 13:10
Toughie this month I think; re: 5A, at work years ago we used a phrase "reduce,reuse,recycle" in our efforts to minimise waste/maximise yield, so clue works for me. Thought 3D/29A clever, took me ages to find answer hidden in clue!
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9th November 2012, 23:08
hi all,
I felt great satisfaction at finally solving this genius.
Compliments to Crucible, you made us think outside the square (grid, that is).
thanks to all posters.
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11th November 2012, 11:49
Finished, but can't quite nail 16a. I know the answer, but can't parse it satisfactorily.
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15th November 2012, 10:32
16A. "hot soup" is an anagram. Remove "out".
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1st December 2012, 04:45
Your thread very helpful, though can't see other member of pair (to go with 'morning meal' solution at 14 ACROSS
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1st December 2012, 07:10
Bed and .......

Bed is DEB backwards - years ago some young women were known as DEButantes (or just DEBS) - they "came out" which had a different connotation then to now.
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