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  1. an operation that segregates items into groups according to a specified criterion; "the bottleneck in mail delivery is the process of sorting"
  2. Varieties
  3. arrange or order by classes or categories; "How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?"
  4. examine in order to test suitability; "screen these samples"; "screen the job applicants"
  5. an approximate definition or example; "she wore a sort of magenta dress"; "she served a creamy sort of dessert thing"
  6. a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality; "sculpture is a form of art"; "what kinds of desserts are there?"
  7. a person of a particular character or nature; "what sort of person is he?"; "he's a good sort"
  1. Soot.
  1. The handle of a joiner's plane.
  1. A knoll or hill.
  1. A writ by which a cause pending in a court baron was removed into a country court.
  1. revelry in drinking; a merry drinking party
  2. a blast of a horn
  3. make a loud noise; "The horns of the taxis blared"
  1. (law) any wrongdoing for which an action for damages may be brought
  1. imp. & p. p. of Toss.
  1. one who sells advice about gambling or speculation (especially at the racetrack)
  2. someone who advertises for customers in an especially brazen way
  3. someone who buys tickets to an event in order to resell them at a profit
  4. show off
  5. advertize in strongly positive terms; "This product was touted as a revolutionary invention"
  1. Volt - a unit of potential equal to the potential difference between two points on a conductor carrying a current of 1 ampere when the power dissipated between the two points is 1 watt; equivalent to the potential difference across a resistance of 1 ohm when 1 ampere of current flows through it