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4th July 2010, 08:18
Hi Old Gal,

From time to time, we can see that it's an anagram and [the way I was taught to do it] write down the letters in a circle and then spend ages working out what the answer is. However, there is a quicker way.

The Universal Anagram Solver site is wonderful for solving the names of characters who appear in the Radio Times crosswords and is ideal for solving this answer too. Yes, you're right there is an anagram involved but you'll need to add l[a]d too.

So, feed the letters for 'Fire bowshot' and ld into The Universal Anagram Solver and see what you get!

With kind regards,

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4th July 2010, 11:15
Yes, it is an anagram with the letters provided by Caraveggio. I try to avoid "cheating" on the Anagram solver so: think of the name of a famous battle in the Midlands, vividly portrayed by Shakespeare, that has a king desperately looking for a horse!
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4th July 2010, 11:17
Sorry! Caravaggio spelt your name incorrectly.
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old gal

4th July 2010, 22:52
Oh dear - as an ardent supporter of Richard III I should have got this!!!! I also like to work the anagrams out myself but usually put down the letters in groups of 3 or 4 - find it really works!
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