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13th August 2017, 17:05
I think Hairless you are in the exact same place I was. Chambers does indeed confirm the required entry (even my old 2008 version). I found it though by a simple Google search.
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13th August 2017, 17:07
Just 17 to sort out. Can't see it even with the hint. I have U*IREY - are these letters right?
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13th August 2017, 17:22
Patch 49: as Meursault has noted, the wordplay to 17 is a "composite anagram" - the answer plus "horses" give the same letters as "Yorkshire use". That means that your missing letter is K. The definition, with the misprint corrected, is "local mOre affected by scabies, say", so the answer will be a comparative form of an adjective, ending in IER.
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13th August 2017, 17:31
Help! Still struggling. Neither of the definitions that I can see to what I think is the phrase have 34 letters, as required on the perimeter. What am I missing?
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13th August 2017, 17:43
Thanks Wintonian. I'd found that word in Chambers but dismissed it for some strange reason! Now to copy it out neatly and accurately.
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13th August 2017, 17:46
The definition given by the misprints is of the form (3, 5, 5, 2, 1, 4-7, 7). The definition given in the perimeter is of the form (1, 11, 2, 7, 6, 2, 5), and begins at 40. Hence they both have 34 letters.

Both the definitions appear in these forms in Chambers - the two-word term A is listed under the first word. An interesting coincidence that the definitions both have the same number of letters, and so congrats to The Ace of Hearts for exploiting this. Just about makes up for the incredibly obscure answer to 10.
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14th August 2017, 11:43
All clues solved, but I can't find this phrase, apart from the title anagram. Also only 4 outward entries - 5, 13, 26 and 34 so something obviously gone wrong. Can someone please tell me the fifth so I can try to sort it out.
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14th August 2017, 14:17
Janh - I think you'll find 6 is an outie too.
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14th August 2017, 16:28
JanH, the phrase is here
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14th August 2017, 16:58
This is taking me far too long! One remaining clue to solve. 36 I??DEA
What have I done wrong? Got the theme, the middle words, the perimeter and everything else. Please help.
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