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12th August 2017, 19:16
Nice to have a radial, and enjoyed. Though the solving gets quite a lot slower towards the end. In this case a fascinating journey through San Salvador revealed that there was a town called Berlin and a municipality called Victoria. I wonder what prompted the usual, let down by the editorial board, allowing such obscure answers in 1, possibly 2 instances. And of course we should excuse all concerned for the taxonomic error in nominating Galega (39) as a class. It's a genus. On the other hand there were some excellent clues. 4 was much appreciated.
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12th August 2017, 19:48
I'm 'tired' of trying to get10. YERU*U?
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12th August 2017, 20:45
For San Salvador read El Salvador, though both are red herrings. The border in question is with Nicaragua, and the place is Duyure. Though the wikipedia source cites the place as a municipality of Honduras.
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13th August 2017, 06:33
Finally got over the finishing line. As well as clue 10, I was stumped for ages on clues 17-20, which of course, all seem fair once the penny has dropped. More like this please!
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13th August 2017, 07:06
I still don't see how DUYURE fits the word play of 10.

I'm also still blank on 16 to 27 - although I have some answers, not enough to actually enter anything. Tips, please
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13th August 2017, 07:30
DURE an old variation of endure, YU is jade. 16 and 22 are type B, 17 is quite a difficult clue, the letters of the answer and 'horses' make up the same letters as Yorkshire use, the whole thing being another word for itchier. 18 is a synonym for nosey, did well against the Red Baron. 19 is E, CY with a word for best enclosed, 20 replaces W in a word for modest by RD, 21 is anagram of m and yodel, 23 the definition is fluttering dry fruit, 24 is a roofer, 25 PETER is a prison cell, 27 Croatia is HR, everything in the wordplay is reversed.
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13th August 2017, 10:54
I am waving the white flag at 12 having got everything else, including A which was new to me. I have ENAE?U but perhaps 13 is jumbled.
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13th August 2017, 11:01
Perhaps operation is USE
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13th August 2017, 11:23
Operation is URE. I think you may have the first 3 letters of 13 incorrect - it is entered outwards.
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13th August 2017, 11:26
Can anyone explain how the outermost ring relates to A, as I can't see the relation at all (I'm assuming perhaps incorrectly that A is derived from part of the title).
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