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1st June 2010, 15:56
Yes, I've finished it and I don't think that it will cause too many problems except the following:

22a. Damage encountered when grabbing very big monkey [8].

The construct is awful - MAR [Damage] + MET [encountered] including OS [outsized - very big] = MARMOSET [monkey].

It's one of those when you can see the answer but you can't prove it so I'll put everyone out of their misery because I'm sure you've better things to do with your time...
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1st June 2010, 16:11
I think it is an OK clue,we have all seen far worse.
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1st June 2010, 22:27
Thank you for the explanation, Caravaggio, because I would really have been stuck on that one!
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2nd June 2010, 16:38
Many thanks for 22 across - was struggling with that - I'm stuck on my last clue 19d bird with incomplete dressing - I've got
Can anyone help, please
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2nd June 2010, 16:42
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2nd June 2010, 16:56
Yes, that's what I've got too.
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2nd June 2010, 17:12
Hi everyone

We subscribers to RT only got our copies today, so only just started, and finished.

I agree 22 across was the usual horrific clue, but otherwise quite entertaining.
I particularly liked

24a Songs aim is to develop musical 4 6
3d Den harms Angie, tell off 6 8

And yes their is a spelling mistake in 11a the last word is soldier, not solder


PS anyone "seen" John from Aran recently. He started this RT blog with me, but just recently he has not been responding. Wonder whether he has won the lottery or his coop has closed
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2nd June 2010, 17:57
Hi Philip,

John has been notable by his absence and, come to think of it, Old Gal hasn't surfaced yet this week.

I know I appear on an irregular basis and have just come in after spending some twenty minutes or so with binoculars, tracking two buzzards circling across the sky. In days gone by, you wouldn't have found buzzards in Cheshire but they seem to be commonplace now.


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2nd June 2010, 18:09
Hi Dizzy, many thanks for that
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old gal

2nd June 2010, 18:16
Caravaggio - I'm here, I'm here!! Still read the remarks every week but sometimes don't post. Also - much to my shame, still haven't completed one. Am able to get on much better though with a little help from my friends.....
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