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7th March 2010, 19:10
Campo (campanilla)

Is that really you? You never used an upper case initial, which was a little ironic as I, along with probably all other posters to this erstwhile exellent forum, would consider your contributions as definitely UPPER CLASS - yes I am shouting it.

So, maybe someone decided to respond in agreement using the psuedenym (spelling looks dodgy?) Campo.

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harry hill

7th March 2010, 19:16
Hmm - I like Trevor....but I like Pete too...

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7th March 2010, 19:31
Harry Hill. Wow! At last somebody who likes me! I shall make a diary entry to celebrate. Cheers Matey!
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7th March 2010, 19:41

Just completed this one. If anyone needs any hints or tips, just shout.

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7th March 2010, 20:07
Come off it JimB
"Pete"'s sole reason for being here is to disrupt.
He has not answered any clues and his 1st post was to ask for a dozen or more answers with no clues(11a, 34a, 4d...etc)nothing wrong in that Per se,except it quickly became obvious that he wasn't bothered about the answers.

As for the reply from Campo - of course it is him - he has used lots of other posters names.

Also,name calling and use of gutter rhetoric of the late evening is still quite rare and usually sorted out in a frienly manner and kept to one thread.
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7th March 2010, 21:10
Well now, this is the first time I have visited this forum in weeks only to find that someone, once again, is using my name in vain!! Great to hear from you Jimbo, hope you and Mrs. Jimbo are keeping well. I stopped posting a long time ago when it stopped being fun and got really nasty at times, as I presume you did to. Remember the good old days when jokes were funny and humour was clean? When Trevor was a genius with the most obscure facts, Pooksahib was always interesting and John from Arran posted mind-boggling puzzles? Those were the days!! Just so you know that it is really me, I still have visions of the Juliet Cap that Mrs. Jimbo found in the car!!!

By the way, John, whatever happened to the answers for the picture puzzle we did and you were supposed to get the answers at Christmas?
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7th March 2010, 21:25
Finished Araucaria for once. But can't figure out why 7 down is 'imitation'. Copy I understand, but don't get cap left off. Any help?
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7th March 2010, 21:30
A cap is a limitation - take off the L
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7th March 2010, 21:32
as in Rent Cap, Rate Cap etc
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7th March 2010, 21:34
Much appreciated, thanks. No wonder I don't finish it too often.
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