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6th March 2010, 20:44
Hi PezBuin
I apologised (for any offence caused - not for anything I said)to our lovely Pete through gritted teeth.
His nonsense was spreading to other threads and clearly upsetting at least one other poster.
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6th March 2010, 20:48

You're welcome. Might need to tap you up for a couple in a while, otherwise the limited hair I have might be pulled out.

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6th March 2010, 20:57
It was a nightmare reading his drivel. I think it highlighted the camaraderie that the rest of us have, and that we will not tolerate that kind of goings-on.
Cheerio for now.
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6th March 2010, 23:23
Hello Pez Buin - Thank you - how kind of you. I've just tuned in - just finished Araucaria - couldn't print it out until late afternoon.
No, it would take more than that to put me off completely, although I'm old and old-fashioned enough to flinch at the spoiking of such a friendly site. Thanks again. - AJT
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7th March 2010, 07:27
hi, ixion Re overwritten clues in prize 24951. If you call up the PDF version from the online page, the crossword comes up on a landscape page with all the words clear.
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7th March 2010, 16:17
Trevor, you fucking hypocrite. You apologised to me for your conduct and foul language, all of which appeared before my response, then you continue to slag me off. War it is then! Twat!
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7th March 2010, 16:39
welcome back Pete.
I apologised sincerely for any offence I (unwittingly)caused you becuase you promised AJT that you would stop all this crap.
Your word obviously means diddly-squat.
I will just stop posting here if you continue to ruin this site using me as an excuse.
A sort of victory for you,I guess,does it give you a stiffy?
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7th March 2010, 17:17
It was obviously a completely insincere apology. As I have said in the "hints" thread, I think the site is "managed" by a few of you and you bully people who aren't in your little select band. I think it would be a good thing if you stopped posting so as to give others a chance.

My advice would be to not join in threads when people criticise me. You are obviously the centre of my attention as your rudeness started the conflict.

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7th March 2010, 18:05
Well, well it's me again

Couldn't resist the temptation to poke my nose in (again) to say that whilst I certainly couldn't condone some of the rather obnoxious postings of Pete, I also couldn't condone the equally obnoxious responses of regulars who should know better.

I used to enjoy contributing, positively, I hope, with a combination of information and humour. However, the pleasantries of the daytime were much too often ruined by the purile name calling and use of gutter rhetoric of the late evening, probably booze fuelled and leading to poor decision making in deciding to respond.

I will continue to access the forum in the hope that, hey ho, it will return to the halcyen days of yore.

Whatever happened to good old campo??

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7th March 2010, 18:48

Well said. I too do not condone Pete's approach, however in substance, he does have a point. Perhaps Pete has been "sent" to us to shake out our introverted and unwelcoming attitudes, probably imbued in us by our need for relationship and comradeship?

I have traced back the conflict and clearly it was Trevor who willfully attacked Pete to begin with. Perhaps Pete was very hurt by Trevor's attitude. Pete has aplogised to Trevor, alas Trevor has continued to criticise Pete on many threads, thus Trevor's apology was insincere? Perhaps Trevor should apologise to all of us for ruining the site?
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