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26th February 2014, 19:24
Well done bbm2 and thanks to les for the word(s)

Thanks also to chrise and samgamgee for their kind mention, although I would have chosen bbm's clue if it were Peer Review.
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26th February 2014, 19:47
Cheers Les I'm chuffed to bits about this ! When I saw your word my first thoughts were how the heck to cope with a double z , some of the entries found some ways of clueing it .

My effort was inspired by the old joke about a visit to the seaside ruined by witnessing domestic violence , child abuse and police brutality ; order only being restored when the crocodile ate the sausages .

@ginge - yeah I'm up for that mate just remind me nearer the time , maybe Les could broker this via the JE emails he's got .

Thanks to everyone for the congrats and I'll see you all next week . @Rosalind could you help pleeease !
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26th February 2014, 19:50
...found some clever ways of clueing it ...
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26th February 2014, 20:06
Well done bbm2
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26th February 2014, 20:08
Well done bbm2 - excellent clue imho :). Thanks for the challenging word les.

@bbm2 Beware Scottish people saying they're up for a 'few' beers - especially that ginge guy (btw he's bald) as you never know what the outcome could be. If a beer fest does ensue - my brother lives in Gateshead so I could always arrange a visit to coincide :)
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26th February 2014, 20:10
Well done BBM2 very nice

Thanks Les for hosting, Only just got to a PC today so sorry not to parse the clue
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26th February 2014, 20:13
Congratulatilons marty
Cheers les
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26th February 2014, 20:40
Congratulations, BigBad- very nice. Thanks, Les.
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26th February 2014, 23:10
Yes of course BBM and loved your clue.

My sons used to do a Punch and Judy for children's parties. Believe it or not, we had a non-violent version for East Oxford (home of the politically correct). It bothered me that it was apparently OK for the crocodile to get the GBH.

I could tell which part of Oxford I was in by the party food! And the only place where the food was eaten was Blackbird Leys- not a peeled grape, carrot stick or colour-free cake to be seen.
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26th February 2014, 23:24
Congrats bbm2 thanks les
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