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26th February 2014, 15:34
Iron ties in with the golf surface reading and refers to the definition "A swazzle is a device made of two strips of metal"
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26th February 2014, 15:37
Hi Les, as requested:

Vocal distortion instrument - definition
was reportedly - homophone - wozz
found in -insertion indicator
leading (s)ound & (l)inguistic (e)stablishment (7)

s wozz le

Sorry - Not the most brilliant of clues :)
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26th February 2014, 16:25
Yes, Les. I simply meant the area in which the Pueblo lived, the Southwest. I used environs because I needed a plural to go with dazzle. I chose Pueblo because of the strong association with the region and because of the ghostly atmosphere of their beautiful settlements- again for surface read.
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26th February 2014, 16:29
Sorry- plural to go with overwhelm, but you know what I mean.
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26th February 2014, 18:42
Thanks for the explanations guys, some really great clues with too little time to individually mention this week so I'm gonna just announce my favourite which I had earmarked since it was posted and that is the superb surface reading clue from BigbadMarty at Post 8 with:

One employed by wife-beater to alter his statements

Nice cryptic def Marty and here is your prize, a little something that makes me chuckle.
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26th February 2014, 18:50
well done Marty, nice clue

thanks to Les for an interesting word
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26th February 2014, 18:53
Congrats, BBM2, and thanks for the challenging word(s), Les.

Lots of inventive clues, but I must confess to a soft spot for SteveZodiac's @ 10!
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26th February 2014, 18:57
Congratulations, bigbadmarty2.
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26th February 2014, 19:05
Congrats BBM2, good clue. Thanks for hosting Les40 and an interesting word.

I do agree with ChrisE about Stevezodiac's clue at @ 10.
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26th February 2014, 19:20
Stand out BBM2, cheers Les.

@BBM2. A friend of a friend has a 1/4 share of a horse that is entered for races at Carlisle on the 16th and/or Newcastle the 28th (I think) next month. Should it run at Gosforth Park we'll be travelling to and from your fair city by train. If you fancy meeting up for a few beers? I could always catch a later one home. It would be good to put a face with the name.
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