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1st March 2013, 22:53
Cheers RE and so are you and wasn't it nice to have new people joining in ? You never know between us maybe thea will give us a vote !! only joking Thea just the scottish (scotch, scots) sense of humour
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1st March 2013, 23:14
Sorry to miss the vote - I was having a wonderful day out in that there London, so wonderful that I didn't want it to end! Congratulations chrise, and thanks for the vote ab.
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1st March 2013, 23:40
Well done ChrisE, very good clue
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bobs mum

2nd March 2013, 08:47
Very well done chrise, sorry i was not around last night, went out for a wee dram and we feel among thieves, got home v late. Thanks for the votes all -- thanks for the phrase rambler, very good game.
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2nd March 2013, 10:08
Congratulations , ChrisE
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2nd March 2013, 10:09
Well done chrise. Good phrase with a couple of A's for emrach.
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2nd March 2013, 14:03
Well done ChrisE - good clue.

thanks to rambler for the word and the video
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