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1st March 2013, 09:48
There is only one country that I know of that allows kangaroos to be kept as backyard pets. Don't allow a "wild one" one to corner you. That is why we eat our national emblem.
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1st March 2013, 10:56
mm wonder what kind of monkey, too? Not a colobus as far as I can tell.
The kangaroo looks terrifying.
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1st March 2013, 11:00
The Roo was playing in that video clip. Most run away when approached...but if they feel threatened....look out.
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1st March 2013, 12:29
Love it, Syzzie. Strengthens one's faith in the existence of parallel universes.
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1st March 2013, 20:45
It's another lemur:

Parallel universe, eh? Good one.

Would have been even better if the kangaroo beat up a purple Barney.
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