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22nd February 2013, 10:41
Hi manic mary

If you have the highlighted word, then look at the symmetrically placed clue & read it upwards.
If you check the three words on Wikipedia all should
become clear.

Hope this helps.
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manic mary

22nd February 2013, 11:59
thank u Ton y but I dont have the word. Its just to hard for me.
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bobs mum

22nd February 2013, 12:27
Hope you do not mind me interrupting your thread.
I have posted here in the hope that you would like to join a thread called Clue Chain on Monday afternoons starting usually about 1 o' clock.

We are a jolly, friendly few who play and we would very much like others to join in. The game is played for fun -- so please do not be deterred by thinking ' I cannot set clues'. Pop in and say hi, or just watch the game to start with to get an idea of what it is all about. So, all in all, great fun, challenging (not that challenging when I am the setter) and a good supportive learning experience. Please join -- everyone is most welcome.

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22nd February 2013, 12:36
thanks tony, I was about to give up just didn't see it.
manic mary , if you want a few more answers just ask
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22nd February 2013, 20:42
Hi again manic mary.

Don't be too hard on yourself as it was a tricky EV.
Out of interest it was Jaguar's first EV and as a young scientist it wasn't a surprise he picked that theme.

He will be part of the King's team on University Challenge this coming Monday. How such a young man could compile such a beautifully crafted crossword is difficult to grasp.
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22nd February 2013, 20:47
Tony welcome back Jolan's been missing you!
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manic mary

23rd February 2013, 16:16
thank U Tony I have given up with this one j ust to hard and beyond me. not scientific at all and only have 4 letters wich areprobably wsrong anyway.
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23rd February 2013, 17:35
Have had visitors since last Saturday and have only just been able to look at this. Have a full grid because there is only one possible word for 10 down. However I have not actually solved the clue and therefore do not have the letter to be removed. Hints in that direction would be welcome.
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23rd February 2013, 17:46
The extra letter is M
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23rd February 2013, 21:36
A pity you haven't solved 10d outright -- one of my favourites in this puzzle, along with 19a and 24d.
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