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22nd February 2013, 20:42
Hi again manic mary.

Don't be too hard on yourself as it was a tricky EV.
Out of interest it was Jaguar's first EV and as a young scientist it wasn't a surprise he picked that theme.

He will be part of the King's team on University Challenge this coming Monday. How such a young man could compile such a beautifully crafted crossword is difficult to grasp.
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22nd February 2013, 20:47
Tony welcome back Jolan's been missing you!
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manic mary

23rd February 2013, 16:16
thank U Tony I have given up with this one j ust to hard and beyond me. not scientific at all and only have 4 letters wich areprobably wsrong anyway.
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23rd February 2013, 17:35
Have had visitors since last Saturday and have only just been able to look at this. Have a full grid because there is only one possible word for 10 down. However I have not actually solved the clue and therefore do not have the letter to be removed. Hints in that direction would be welcome.
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23rd February 2013, 17:46
The extra letter is M
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23rd February 2013, 21:36
A pity you haven't solved 10d outright -- one of my favourites in this puzzle, along with 19a and 24d.
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7th March 2013, 23:35
I believe the solution is published this weekend and there'll be a setter's blog at put up on Saturday if anyone is interested.
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