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30th January 2013, 19:44
See my post 18 on the "changing order of posts" thread:
"Maybe it would be a good idea to have the "normal" order of posts (as other websites use) as the "default setting" rather than the upside down version. I have suggested this to Norah & admin today ".
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30th January 2013, 19:48
I agree with jazzy, original as the norm.
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30th January 2013, 19:51
Good Evening

Just a wee suggestion why don't we wait a week and see if it is just a case of adjustment. I love having the choice and I think when having a chat - I know thats not what this forum is for - the most recent post is a preferred choice. However - and there is always however - when I want to catch up I go back to the old system. x
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30th January 2013, 20:09
hi emrach, Yes I would also choose the "newest first" option for the long threads . I do think, however, that for any newcomers joining the site, when they click on a particular crossword thread, they are going to see the answers before they see the question which seems rather odd ! ;)
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30th January 2013, 20:17
Good point Jazzgirl. It would be confusing for newcomers and/or possibly spoil it for anyone who likes to work out a clue before seeing possible answers like me !! Swaying now towards the original format but still having the option. x
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