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22nd January 2013, 19:58
You can take charge of pudding by all means, bobsmum - I don't eat them much, so I'm not very interested in cooking them! (I do zabaglione, though)
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22nd January 2013, 20:00
GK has perhaps mentally exploded too; he's probably on his way to Thailand as we speak.
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22nd January 2013, 20:00
Rucksack packed...megabus booked...I'll do the porridge...... Thanks GK, your so generous. X
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22nd January 2013, 20:04
Pastille as soon as Aristo mentioned the piano I thought of you as the singer - no backing singer you my gal x

PS Murray doing well in Oz
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22nd January 2013, 20:05
Ooops should be FOR you my gal
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greedy kite

22nd January 2013, 20:55
Well, I never knew I was so popular! There's plenty of room for everybody on the lawn if you bring tents with you -- well, not more than 100, say..........Only watched a very good German 'Krimi" on TV , then discovered not only are my godson & family coming in summer, but (at least) half the forum, too!I think the vineya
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greedy kite

22nd January 2013, 21:01
-rds can cope -- but hey! you can all help repair & update my computer (I can hear the groans in the b'ground)! In one point I must disappoint you, though: there is no such thing as a decent French cryptic -- no, not even an indecent one, either.............Nice ideas you guys have when the running gets tough at home. & btw Toulouse Airport has been voted the nicest in France. Just don't arrive at the beginning or end of Ramadan, though: never seen such an overcrowded big new building in my life (but that was years ago: it's now even bigger). I can only say: Santé!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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22nd January 2013, 21:14
I don't need a tent. I'll park my motorhome on the lawn. Extra cooking space then.
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22nd January 2013, 22:51
Well! What started off as a snow comment has grown into a French delight!
No I have not had my hip op yet that was a pre-op session yesterday & tomorrow is supposed to be a 2 hour session on exercises & what I may NOT do for 6 weeks.
I think joining you all in France sounds much more fun!
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22nd January 2013, 23:05
My only visit to Toulouse airport , the security queue was so long I had to barge to the front or I'd have missed my plane!
I have no idea what I could add to the party, since all available possibilities seem to have been snapped up.Washing-up, then!
I went to two chatroom meetings many years ago. Not a single person looked anything like my mental picture of them.
Is there a collective noun for crossword enthusiasts?
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