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22nd January 2013, 16:34
Got something , it looks like a latin plural ?
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22nd January 2013, 16:35
Sounds right!
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22nd January 2013, 16:52
I'm close to #4 now, but confused - either my answer is (9), not (8), or jolan has made a little slip in the clue? (Unlikely, I know!)
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22nd January 2013, 16:53
Stupid - my mistake, of course. I've mixed up singular and plural forms.

All done now (as long as my 5 is right)
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greedy kite

22nd January 2013, 16:59
Think I'll try my luck today:
1. THROMBI=clots;anag.("insane") of "British to dump"minus "stupid" (deductive anag.)
2. OUT OF SIGHT : two meanings, the one more modern metaphor also given in Ch.
3. TALK-IN:1st 5 wds def.; "tin" (=can) surrounding "walks" with both ends missing
4. FLAGELLA: def. "whips";flag (grow weary)+ all (every one) reversed to "e" (earth)
5. CENOTAPH:def. hollow tomb;CP (Communist Party) + H (-ungary) surround ("embrace") "at one" (=in agreement).
Thank you, Jolan: I believe I'm getting to know your mind!
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22nd January 2013, 17:00
1- THROMBI subtractive anag/ British to dump minus stupid
2- OUT OF SIGHT double def
4- FLAGELLA FLAG w ALL E reversed
5- CENOTAPH AT ONE reversed in CP H
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22nd January 2013, 17:00
1. British to dump insane but not stupid clots (7)– Thrombi?
(anagram of “British to dump” without “stupid” gives thrombi –clots)

2. Marvellous! It’s hidden (3,2,5)- Out of sight?
(Means both marvellous and hidden)

3. An informal, yet intensive, discussion can take place around endless walks (4-2) – Talk-in?
(“Can” = “Tin” around endless walks- “alk” gives Talk-in – informal discussion)

4. Whips grow weary with each one coming back to earth (8) - Flagella?
(Flag – grow weary, with “each one”- “all” coming back-lla, to Earth – e = flagella, whips)

5. Communist Party and Hungary embrace in agreement about an empty tomb (8)- Cenotaph?
(CP (Communist Party) + H (Hungary) around “atone” (embrace in agreement) about- enota, gives “cenotaph” an empty tomb.

Many thanks again, Jolan.
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22nd January 2013, 17:00
My effort:

2)out of sight
4)coachmen (I think)
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22nd January 2013, 17:00
Just three to offer:

1. Thrombi - subtractive anagram - my favourite
2. Out of sight - double definition
3. Talk-in (can=tin) around (w)alk(s)

A lot of head-scratching but fun as always.
Thanks jolan x

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22nd January 2013, 17:01
still no 5 scratches head furiously
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