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bobs mum

10th January 2013, 16:36
Yes, i have read that. In my opinion he gets better through the series of books--i have also enjoyed the virtual tour around Florence and have google-earthed a lot of the places he talks about. Not high brow books but gently entertaining.
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bobs mum

10th January 2013, 16:39
I meant to ask do u enjoy using a Kindle? I am a bit of a book fiend and am not too sure about a Kindle --- although i can see the benefits for a holiday.
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10th January 2013, 16:40
I've just looked at Lincolnshire library site and it's there - I'll reserve it when I get back (not owning a Kindle)
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10th January 2013, 16:41
Well, this fellow fern admirer was just going to say that though we have many beautiful native species here (in my immediate environs) I don't think we have epiphytic ones. It must take fern-seeking to a whole new level, so to speak. Must be lovely for botanists, though rambler makes it sound like the perfect place to bask in smugness too.
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10th January 2013, 16:43
I much prefer real books too, bobs mum - but it is superb to take on holiday. I have about 20 unread books loaded on it, ready for waiting, flying, raining etc.

It is surprisingly pleasant to read, but much trickier to turn back to check something than with a real book.
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10th January 2013, 16:44
I have read at least 4 books a week for decades and reckon that the local library is a lot cheaper than a Kindle!Recently I read the whole "Master and Commander" series and bought them second hand because I'm sure I'll read them again.
I like Americanisms, aristo, please continue.
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10th January 2013, 16:46
I'm surprised that you don't have epiphytic ferns, aristo. Our Polypodiums often grow epiphytically, and they are quite common. Hymenophyllums are often epiphytic too, though they are much rarer here - I'm hoping to see lots of "filmies" on La Palma.

I'll try not to be smug if we find them, though.
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10th January 2013, 16:47
bobs mum
IMHO, I think that the Kindle (and other such electronic devices) are a boon to the avid reader. I never thought that I would warm to it, but I can't imagine how I managed without it.
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bobs mum

10th January 2013, 16:49
That's what i feel chrise, i love the feel and smell of books but i may capitulate for holiday reading--ease of transport and all that.
Currently reading -- A Humble Companion by Laurie Graham - might be a bit girlie for the guys but historically accurate.
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10th January 2013, 16:57
Yes - the fern expert does grow D. canariensis.
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