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8th January 2013, 23:07
GK, I'm glad you got it sorted and submitted - does that solve all your problems with the Grauniad, or just with the Genius?

What browser are you using, because I downloaded and installed the latest java yesterday (repeatedly with restarts etc) and firefox said it was there and up-to-date, but the Gdn page for the Genius wouldn't recognise it, and neither would another website.

I tried google chrome but it fell over when I got the home page of the Gdn up.

I have no idea why this is so useless, or why the Gdn's own link to the print version was wrong. I see you played 'good cop' with the Gdn in your email. I'm afraid I played 'bad cop' and told the crossword editor it wasn't good enough. I haven't had a reply, either!

Hope you win the £100.
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8th January 2013, 23:27
Mozilla plugin check says I have

Java Deployment Toolkit
NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy

Windows says I have Java 7 update 10

I found an older version as well, removed it and restarted the browser. The Gdn Genius page still says 'a plugin is needed to display this content' and invites me to install it - which I did yesterday. Nothing makes any difference. Is there some other step I need to follow? And why did a previous post on this thread suggest you needed an earlier version of java to make the Genius page work?
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9th January 2013, 01:07
Livs, are you referring to my post (#5 on this thread) ? if so, then i apologise for misleading you, i meant that older versions of the crossword still worked so that it was unlikely to be java causing the problem.

btw. after posting last night i thought that i might as well update my java plugin, normally quite a routine thing, it took me well over an hour to get the damn thing working again. oh well! - hope you get it all sorted.
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9th January 2013, 03:55
Finally finished what was, IMO, a very good puzzle well worthy of this 'genre'.

Only problem I have is the parsing of 22d/22ac - my answer 'must' be correct but can't see the wood for the trees!

Any help greatly appreciated.
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9th January 2013, 05:15
Discussed earlier in the thread rh142...

Defn - Ready for change then

Litmus Paper arrived
Acid(lysergic) went
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greedy kite

9th January 2013, 05:28
@ rh142: I'm not sure about this, but I presume what's bothering you is (only) the "litmus paper". The initials surely refer to the new c. then introduced, just as the "acid" refers to the old one.At least that's the way I see it; NOT an anag (=I don't see one).
And @ livs: very touched by your concern for my plight! I am so ignorant of everything technological, even what we have installed here, it might be better for you to contact an expert like "james", too. I can only say everything suddenly worked beautifully with the same Java update you mention (I seem to remember the numbers in the labyrinth of technicalities I had to go through). I'd rather have a future free of such problems (to take up that key word again)than the 100 pound prize. And btw apparently the G.X. Editor is probably quite unable where he is to diagnose the many different tech. probs. that inundate him every day, so my rather harsh criticism was perhaps unjustified.
On the more general q. of my "satisfaction" with the G. in France, you may not have gathered a few months ago I had to cancel my (expensive) subscription because the editions were arriving far too late to be worth such an expense. And as the paper is only available here 1 day later at a high price a long way from here, I now have to make do with the virtual one, & I'm one of those old-fashioned people who will never be reconciled to that.
To sum up, I find it absurd that in our day & age there is absolutely no way of seeing a British paper regularly in Europe within a reasonable delay at an affordable price -- but that's the way it is!
Good luck with your problems & sorry I can't help much directly. Despite everything it WAS a very fascinating puzzle I was amazed to be able to finish alone, tho' as usual of course some of the parsing had to be explained to me! gk
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9th January 2013, 13:16
Finished! No way of sending it in, of course, but never mind because I figured out how to de-stress enough to tackle the crossword: I needed to take off 4 layers of glitter nail varnish, a job which requires time and patience - although those of you who didn't know who Jimmy was probably don't know about that!

Anyway, I settled down with the crossword at the same time AND IT WORKED! I'm done. I just don't seem to have 10 of those answers, just 7. And I've no idea what 15D's about, though I have an answer which fits perfectly. It's odd not to have any inroad into a clue at all, but I simply haven't with that one:

15D A Catherine or Sharon, say (5)

It's probably too early to give my answer, but if anyone can give a hint to the parsing for that or:

(29A Banter initially heard in diner...)
31A ... on account of piles (5)

I have a word meaning piles, and my answer looks like one of the 10, but I can't make anything else of it.
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9th January 2013, 13:32
15d State - say ..Catherine/Sharon Tate

29a C h aff

31a Loads
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9th January 2013, 13:38
Thanks, Tony - I was wrong then because I had 'SHAPE'. I agree about the other 2, I just don't see why it's loads, apart from loads = piles.
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9th January 2013, 13:44
LSD (part of the theme) + OA (on account of)

L OA DS - piles
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