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3rd November 2009, 19:38
Don't try confusing the issue with facts. I got the answer to Trevor's puzzle and I want my prize. From the catalogue I choose a signed photogaph of prospector. It had better arrive quickly.
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3rd November 2009, 19:40
The prize is yours Terry just for the effort you've put in.
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3rd November 2009, 19:48
I will knit you a frame for it
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3rd November 2009, 19:52
well done terry - you spotted the anagram from"making bread" (with a few letters left over).
Now, if you could just "put up" your home address,Prospector will shoot round in person with your big bonanza prize.
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3rd November 2009, 19:55
the corner shop
helman province
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5th November 2009, 15:07
Well I'm glad you all know what all this is about because I sure as hell don't. I did the crossword including the dreaded pensioner within about half an hour of receiving the mag. I know who the quick-witted one is but what on earth is the rest about? Overlapping words, successors, what is the compiler banging on about? Am I really so stupid? Apparently, yes? Can someone explain in words this half-wit can understand so that I can finish the damn thing. Many thanks.
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6th November 2009, 10:33
Hi Julia
I, too, was confused by what the compiler was getting at.
I think there is red herring in the instructions.
Overwiting the letters in the top and bottom rows is fair enough, but it only indicates that the successor has the same number of letters in his name as the out-going presenter, and that one of the letters in his name is positioned at the same place within that name.
The letters indicated by the coloured squares are an anagram of two words; these reveal where they both work.
What the compiler wants you to do is merely write down what the anagram reveals under the grid to complete the submission for the competition. (He doesn't seem to require the overwritten name).

I hope this helps your dilemma, not confusing you even more so.

Perhaps you can help me by suggesting:-
29a. They have split what Members abused (4)
I have E_E_

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6th November 2009, 14:41
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6th November 2009, 14:58
Thanks, Wombat,

A little clearer - I think.

I've got "exes" for 29 across as "he is my ex" (partner)
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6th November 2009, 17:00
Can I just say I'm chuffed to buggery that I don't get this mag, so I can idle my way happily through the weekend with Guardian, Observer, Radio Times...
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