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14th November 2012, 16:44
Hi angelmcm
Are you asking for another hint?
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14th November 2012, 17:40
chrise, not yet, I don't think. I shall let myself be driven mad tonight, then probably come begging tomorrow!
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14th November 2012, 17:43
OK - good luck!
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14th November 2012, 20:13
Hi angelmcm. The `the foreign` part of the clue should be right up your street!
Unlike you, I`ve had Spring weather here - daffodil shoots 8ins high, bees in the fuschia and the postman in short sleeves. As they say...`We`ll pay for it later`........
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14th November 2012, 23:59
chrise, magworth, I did eventually get it. I turned to my husband and asked "Can you think of another word for chill, as in relax?" Oh!
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15th November 2012, 11:21
Hi torvic,
Only really had problem with 13d.
I spent a long time on 13d, because I was convinced that my 14a answer was correct, after checking the spelling, then that old monster - that I'd not thought of at the time - reared its ugly head, I checked the spelling again, and there was the gremlin, "variant spelling"! we'll have to watch out for that one in future!
Interesting how the ones that look easy to me are such a problem with others and vice versa!
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15th November 2012, 11:45
Hi magworth,
After making a comment about how some answers that seem easy are a struggle to others, I saw that the same thought occurred to you, no doubt an obvious outcome I suppose, when you consider what a mixed bag we xword addicts are!
I was OK with flower for river, as with "of course" for race track, it crops up in the telegraph cryptic xwords.
Conversely, I wasted a bit of time on 20a, trying to fit the letter R for "right" - another sly one - till I turned to the wife who doesn't do cryptic clues, and she gave me the answer by seeing the last 3 words in context, then she went on to give me 15 down, again by reading the first 2 words literally, whilst I had been trying to second guess the compiler as referring slily to the letter C (country leader) as they do.
Two lessons I have learned...1. Don't try to be too clever on the cryptics. 2. LISTEN to the wife who "doesn't do cryptic stuff"!
By the way what a sad old g*t I'm getting, joining a crossword help forum!
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15th November 2012, 12:01
Hi chrisg,
You've probably got the answer to 22a by now, but just in case you haven't, it's actually easier than you (and I, at first) think.
You need to split the clue into 2 parts (as there are only 3 words, no prob!) one part is a dictionary definition of the word, the other, a fairly well known person, the answer, of course, is the same for both.
Bet you a £ to a penny that you get it!
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15th November 2012, 17:42
Good to see I wasn't the only one struggling with 6 down.

I have just spent two days with no internet connection. What a wrench, considering the first sixty years of my life were spent without such luxury. However, the nice chap in India took me through a very complicated series of button pushings, and here we are, back on line. I marvel at the talent of people who understand the workings of these machines. It was morel simple in the days of the slate pencil.

Hope all are well.

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15th November 2012, 17:46
I kept falling off the roof!
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