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23rd November 2012, 22:35
Arrghh! I put 'Wombs' in at 6down ixion, sort of went pear shaped from there, got 7,13,26a & 18d on first reading but struggled with the rest. Didn't really get the link at all, so spent hours looking at 28a with just the 'U' in it and that nearly drove me over the edge. 'Loo gag' and never made the link to Gulag for camp, I was on the lines of thinking you would be evil with this one and maybe it was a refernce to 'camp' - 'effeminate'

Well done ixion, suppose I was in a losing battle when I jumped the gun with the wrong entry at 6d. I will try to ask next time I think.
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24th November 2012, 01:41
Thanks for the feedback Les....I suspect I might have made this one slightly too obscure(peterm said it wasn't easy), maybe tone the next one down a bit.
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24th November 2012, 20:12
Ixion, thanks for the completed grid. My filled-in grid was correct, though I now have no idea how I got some of my answers! It was good fun - but I'd prefer not to wait so long for the solution.
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24th November 2012, 21:31
No wonder I couldn't get 14d! I had doodads for 17a, even though I couldn't see the wordplay (now I do of course). I've never heard doodah used that way, and it isn't in my American dictionary; I thought it was just something the Camptown ladies sang. We also call them doohickeys. Oh well, I guess I didn't win the Caribbean cruise. I hope Joan enjoys it.
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25th November 2012, 00:57
Nice to hear from you Joan and Aristo...apologies for the long interval between initial post and the answers(thanks Aristo for prompting me)...hopefully I'll be more competent with the software for next one!
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