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bobs mum

10th October 2012, 17:48
great clue BBm2
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10th October 2012, 18:18
Nice one bbm2...

...and great video ChrisE ...

I know my clue was a bit crap....but what was even worse I spent the rest of the day singing " watch out, beagles about".

Warning those not familiar with British Saturday night eighties tv..... it's not something you want in your head.
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10th October 2012, 18:33
Hi BBM2 Well done
From down here on the lower podium (naughty step) you look very far away (over the hills in fact )
What about the Majestic Hotel at Doddington tonight or the Wellington (Riding mill)
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greedy kite

10th October 2012, 18:34
Congratulations bbm2, and a nice video,chris (the "rude" one I mean of course)!
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10th October 2012, 19:09
Congraulations BBM2 a worthy winner ooh I like the idea of being on the naughty step
with Theambler

Thanks for the mention ChrisE and Ixion

Enjoyed the prize- first one of course
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10th October 2012, 19:21
Congratulations, BBM.
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10th October 2012, 19:33
well done BBM2 and thanks to ChrisE for arranging and the mention
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10th October 2012, 22:09
Well done BBM2, great clue pal.
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10th October 2012, 22:40
I just totally admire Mr Darwin so I suppose this clue was right up my street .
I'm truly humbled by your accolades .

I just saw the ch alluding to finch and the rw which suggested wren and seemed to recall something about classifying birds on his epic voyage , the rest took about 2 hours !

Now I've got 3 problems
- get a better word
- give a better prize
- how can I possibly judge you improbably clever people

thanks once again and see you next week

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10th October 2012, 22:47
Well done BBM. Great prize too!
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