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9th October 2012, 22:56
Apeman? (7,6)
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9th October 2012, 23:31
Moved by a beagle right down west Lancashire way (7,6)

(Definition followed by anagram and anagrind)
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10th October 2012, 07:00
Rachel Ward's in confusion concerning The Origin of the Species. (7,6)
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10th October 2012, 16:39
A great set of clues, very difficult to separate. I decided to favour clues that a solver who didn’t know the answer would having a good chance of solving – some of the others were very clever indeed, but would have been impenetrable (at least to me!)

Honourable mentions to bullfrog @ 2, greedy kite @ 11, bbm2 @ 14 and jws @ 22.

On the lower steps of the podium I choose theambler @ 32 (I may be influenced by the mention of Lancashire) and emrach @ 30 – poor narwhals!

But this week’s winner is bbm2 @ 29 for the clever anagram and the relevant reference to the wrens and finches. Well done, BigBadMarty2!

The prize comes in two versions. Those of delicate sensibilities should choose the second. As you will probably guess, I had chosen the prize before I decided what to set as the problem.

The funnier but ruder version
The cleaner version
(The differences are in the graphics)

Look forward to hearing from everyone again next week!

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10th October 2012, 16:54
well done bbm2
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10th October 2012, 17:01
Congratulations, dimgabbyrat2
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10th October 2012, 17:05
Congrats bbm2 nice clue.

Chris I hope Susan Boyle doesn't get wind of that clip she'll have a fit. But it was funny.
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10th October 2012, 17:09
Congrats bbm2...nice clue, thought Emrachs narwhals also excellent.
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10th October 2012, 17:25
Well done BBM2 :-))
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10th October 2012, 17:30
Congratulations, bigbadmarty2.
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