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27th March 2012, 11:58
Good morning all,

I'm conscious of the fact that I haven't made much of a contribution in recent weeks so I was out early this morning to get my copy of the Rado Times and I've been sitting in the garden and, to the accompaniment of the birds in the hedgerows, I've done it.

Before I go any further, I'd just like to say to jazzgirl that I hope that recent comments [which have me totally perplexed] won't deter you from making your usual invaluable contributions to the RT thread and I'm sure that your friends here will concur.

As you can probably guess either this puzzle is easy or I've been inspired! 17d presented a problem to me because I've never heard of the word. I'll give you a clue - 'local' is a vernacular expression for a pub... The last one to go in was 5d and this one won't present a problem to any guitarists as the answer is contained within the clue.

With best wishes to you all,

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27th March 2012, 12:35
dear caravaggio
It's good to see you back and I am amazed you have done the RT so quickly! You are inspiring. Well done. I started this horrible one about half an hour ago and have only 7 in so far. Not having a good day.So, unless I improve, you may be the one helping out on here ;)
Thank you for your kind words. I will not let my RT friends down. I am made of strong stuff and have thrown the idiotic remarks into the virtual dustbin. I got the guitarist one first, (I've just re-strung my late husband's left-handed guitar into a right-handed one. What a game that was! )I may tell you more about later on.
I think I will do as you have done and sit in the garden. Maybe more inspiration will come. Saw a couple of goldfinches out there early morning - not frequent visitors.
Best wishes to all
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27th March 2012, 13:02
jazzgirl: It's nice to see that you've not thrown in the towel! Have you had to file the string lock at the head of the fretboard? Incidentally, Gary Fletcher, who plays bass left-handed with The Blues Band, uses Dave Kelly's guitars, which are strung normally, upside down and I just don't know how he does it. I get goldfinches in the garden too - the secret is either thistles or niger seed. I use the latter! Keep going at the puzzle - you'll get there! Caravaggio. x
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27th March 2012, 13:11
Hi Jazzgirl. I`d like to endorse everything Caravaggio has said. i look on you as an invisible friend !
I had no problems today but would have finished in half the time if I hadn`t confidently written `argosy` for 22ac. is anyone else old enough to remember the little monthly booklet of short stories `Argosy` ? M.
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27th March 2012, 13:17
I am not surprised that it is caravaggio who says something like that. Ho hum.
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27th March 2012, 13:22

I have never done the RT crossword- what sort of standard is it- is there a paper or magazine that it compares to?
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27th March 2012, 15:12
Just had lunch and only 4d to do now.(I have every second letter)Cannot see the connection. Don't tell me. I'll get it eventually.
Hi Magworth and thanks ;) I've not heard of Argosy.
It's nice to see djawhufc on here and Congratulations on the latest addition!
The RT is easier than the Times Jumbo (I do both)and you would do it in 5 mins!!
hi again caravaggio
I didn't have to file anything. Not sure what I should have filed . Do you mean where the strings go through the grooves before they thread through and around the pegs? (sorry, I am not very technical!) My friend who was doing most of the work laughed when he saw the old tuner (like mini pan pipes) He used a digital tuner which I've never seen before.
I bought some niger seeds last week. That is probably why the goldfinches have suddenly appeared. Hope to see more of them.

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27th March 2012, 15:29
PS. done it!!
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27th March 2012, 16:57
jazzgirl: I told you that you'd get there! At the top of the neck of a guitar is a plate with grooves in it which guides the strings to the machine heads at the top. On some guitars, the width of the groove is determined by the thickness of the string so, for example, it is difficult to seat a sixth string into the groove for a first string if you reverse the stringing. For that reason, if you change the stringing of a left-handed guitar to right-handed stringing, it doesn't necessarily follow that the strings would be properly seated at the lock. x
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27th March 2012, 17:18
hello again caravaggio
I am looking at the guitar as I speak. The strip's grooves are identical in width and depth. The thicker strings do not fit right into the full depth of the groove, and the thinner strings do! Oh dear, I really must get more technical. lol.
BTW this is quite an old guitar (Spanish but bought in Dallas - don't ask !)
All I have to do now is learn to play as good as my husband. (no chance !)
Thanks for your hint on 17d.
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