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27th April 2011, 22:11
Well done Bullfrog...

Disappointed you are not taking up your prize. But speaking as the Conon Terrace(Arbroath)roller skating champion of 1964, once you have experienced that adrenalin rush, it's hard to give up.

I am speaking from experience... and it's a hard lesson to maybe avoiding is the best option.

My body just can't take it any more,even had to give up the pole dancing.

Sad days...


I can't help it if there are "rude" words lurking. they are just there.

take care all


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27th April 2011, 22:23
Oooh bullfrog, that nearly rubbed me up the wrong way!!!!!
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28th April 2011, 00:18

please throw a bucket of cold water over yourself immediately!

We Ladies have to show a bit...just even just a little bit of decorum.



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28th April 2011, 00:33

Just thinking, I am as bad as you.

Now climbing down off my moral high ground...

sleep well toots,

p@ x
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29th April 2011, 04:16
Great clue there bullfrog- succinct.

May we have another, if not, I think 2nd prize should go to Dj, my money was on yours or theirs. I couldn't decide.


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24th February 2013, 01:17
Blast from the past....
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24th February 2013, 20:41
Thank you, pastille. I really enjoyed reading through that.
Pity about bullfrog's refusal to have anything to do with lycra, though.............
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24th February 2013, 22:00
You never know rosiland - if the diet keeps working...
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24th February 2013, 23:54
Rosiland so nice to have you back...I was a bit worried , almost put out a shout out for you last night .

Remember the rules, any member of the " bletherers" must indicate their potential absence in advance, as indicated in Rule 17 subsection the case of an emergency a note from ones Mother/Father/partner/Carer/Doctor or anybody with a bus pass ( legal of course, not a dodgy photocopy).

I'm sure you have learned your lesson, so I will drop the subject.

Nice to have you back.......x
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25th February 2013, 00:07
Excuse me for sticking my nose in, Pastille, but why do you always call Rosalind, Rosiland?
I may be missing something here, and if so, please accept the apology of an old Overgate man!

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