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27th April 2011, 11:26

Enjoy the misfortune of a dunce, she fared badly- whoops!
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27th April 2011, 17:09
Another fine crop, despite some unfortunate anti-German feelings surfacing. Come on guys, zee war ees over. But your names have been noted.

The usual very clever clue we have come to expect from Ixion. But I cannot help feeling that the revolutionary concept of giving an additional clue to the clue is an idea ahead of its time. Tonyw’s go at Ramsay couldn’t fail to please. Pastille, of course, couldn’t resist introducing nudity. Some very fine anagrams, particularly from Francis, Petern, Mary and Djawhufc. More clever stuff from Siamcat and Samak.

But this week’s winner is Bullfrog. Utter simplicity (from an utterly simple mind) wins the day.

The prize is the chance to hone your cycling skills with some free lessons from a friend of mine. Please see…… for the sort of thing you will soon be mastering. When Mrs Bullfrog sees you in your Lycra/Spandex outfit I’m sure the phrase “not tonight darling” won’t be heard much in your house again. Please let us know how you got on.
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27th April 2011, 17:11
Well done bullfrog
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27th April 2011, 17:14
n1 Bullfrog
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27th April 2011, 17:26
Well done bullfrog! can not wait for the spandex pics. Happy cycling! Tour de France perhaps?
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27th April 2011, 17:26
Well done Bullfrog,come cycling!
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27th April 2011, 18:06
Well done Bullfrog. You came up with the anagram we were all groping for.
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27th April 2011, 18:10
Blimey. Thank you. I'm accepting this honour on behalf of a whole team of faceless and frankly rather boring little people who made it possible: my agent, my accountant, my personal stylist, my parents (wherever they are), but most of all my dealer.

Just the thought of getting on a bike (let alone shoe-horning my manly physique into a spandex suit) makes me need to lie down in a darkened room, so I'll be passing up the prize. Anyway the glory of winnning is enough.
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27th April 2011, 18:27
Well done, Bullfrog.

Wot no lycra piccies, shame.
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27th April 2011, 19:39
well done, bullfrog.
Brilliant clue.
Am sure Chris Hoy could not have done it.
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