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16th May 2009, 22:20
all answer are to do with the 60's
1)Same turnover this year
2)What a ruby did for Jackie, it was said
3)Which high flyer got caught on March 10th?
4)Who had a peaceful Dutch sleepover
5)Romans initially made classical music like xylophones
6)Oliver Mellors
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16th May 2009, 23:12
1)1961 (turn it over, it still reads 1961.This was mentioned on this site a while ago by someone smarter than me)

2)Jack Ruby shot and killed (on live tv?) Lee Harvey Oswald, who'd allegedly assassinated President J F Kennedy, husband of Jackie (later to become Jackie Onassis)

3)Gary Powers, shot down by Russians in an American spy plane - I think.

4) John Lennon and Yoko Ono, stayed in bed for a week to promote peace(give peace a chance)at Amsterdam Hilton.

6)Oliver Mellors is a character (the lover,I think) from the novel "Lady Chatterley's Lover", which was prosecuted - unsuccessfully - for obscenity during the 60's

re question 5)
Romans initially made classical music like xylophones.
I have no idea, tho there was a controversial - for its time - play called "Romans in Britain"

Are these supposed to be snappy, 1 or 2 word answers? I am only really confident about the 1st answer which is not mine anyway.
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16th May 2009, 23:22
Thank you trevor for all your ideas.
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16th May 2009, 23:33
re question 3) I cant find any significant that happened to Gary Powers on March 10th
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17th May 2009, 00:07
Hi Danny.

For clue no.5 .... take the initial letter of the last 5 words of the clue to get MCMLX. This is 1960 in Roman numerals.

If all the answers are simply a four-digit year, then Trevor's excellent ideas above should help you to home right in on them quite easily.

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17th May 2009, 00:40
Hi again.

Obviously, not all the answers are simple 4-digit years; I don't know what I was thinking.

With reference to clue no.3 and Trevor's investigations, I have been following up.

The U-2 spy plane incident (Gary Powers etc.) occurred around the start of May 1960.

However, on 10th March 1964 a US reconnaissance plane was shot down over East Germany by a Soviet MiG-21 on a flight from West Berlin when it crossed out of authorized airspace over East German airspace.

This might be what the clue is referring to.

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17th May 2009, 00:46
Me again.

A better idea for clue no.3 ... Goldie the eagle from London Zoo was recaptured on 10th March 1965 after 12 days of freedom.

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17th May 2009, 01:11
JimC, sorry I gave a bum steer with Gary Powers,I have absolutely no doubt that you are right with "Goldie the eagle"'s exploits.
(It is a very British kind of News story, even today)
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17th May 2009, 02:41
Hi, JimC almost had it. ROMA - MCMLX was on the official poster for the Olympic Games in Rome.

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17th May 2009, 17:31
Hi, I'm doing this quiz too and struggling with this clue. Your answer ROMA - MCMLX but I'm not sure where the Xylophones come in????
Also - A car part for the whole of 1960. Any help or suggestion would be much appreciated.
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