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9th May 2009, 23:21

I assume, hopefully, that post card is a very hard crossword clue where the answer is invitation


I hope the colour of a giraffe is green
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9th May 2009, 23:47

I couldnt agree more with your comments unless I had written them myself ;-)

I rarely visit Ab now because of all the moans and it does make me smile the names I spot on here which are familiar from AB

I truely hope this site doesnt go the way of AB - with moans and stays a lovely polite and friendly question/answer forum for crosswords and quizzes

Many thanks
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9th May 2009, 23:49
Sorry Im spelling your name wrong

I do wonder if the same people on here moaning are straight from AB with different user names ??

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9th May 2009, 23:55

Many thanks what a lovely reply, I really don\'t think there is any harm in the comments we make and all the questions do get answered, in fact it makes us all try harder when people are nice, doesn\'t it?

Kind regards,
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9th May 2009, 23:58
Politeness costs nothing and any one who takes issue to this site should simply just leave us all to it - they would be so much happier as would we be

take care and happy puzzling
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10th May 2009, 00:04
And so say all of us!
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10th May 2009, 00:06
How many letters, Phil?

And what letters do you have already?
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10th May 2009, 00:09
It's always the quiet ones who have the last word, well done JimC.
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10th May 2009, 00:41
I've been following these threads all night and I think this is a really nice forum but remember it costs nowt to be nasty!!!!
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10th May 2009, 11:23
I've trawled through all the messages posted on this one and no one has given the reason which I started using the forum.
I have been tackling cryptic crosswords for a number of years; I have learned by checking answers to clues unsolved, by looking at solutions the following day/ week.
I have found that some solutions still do not make sense. (I hope that pooksahib agrees).
This site provides people who have the ability to explain how the solution has been arrived at, by doing so. There is nothing elitist with that; we can all learn from it.
I do enjoy the exchanges created in doing so and a bit of banter thrown in adds to enjoyable reading.
As for the original thread, I'm with trevor and others leave well alone...
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