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john (from arran)

9th May 2009, 18:21
As I have indicated in another thread, a meaningful thread title is very helpful when trying to search through the archives. Just the title of the publication (together with the issue number) or quiz is sufficient, but titles like "Cryptic" are not helpful.

Maybe I'm the only one here who even thinks of searching through old threads.
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9th May 2009, 19:13
Can't say I care much whether or not the crossword source is given. So long as we are given the number of letters and any given ones.

If Fiona's idea of separate "boardlettes" is taken up it will finish this site. Everybody will be asking for 4,12,15a and 3,11,16 d. Even the DT brigade largely came to agree that this approach is not much use.

As far as I am concerned people can ask what they like. If I can help, I will. Having said that I have to agree with Mr Griffen. Some people are too idle to make any effort themselves and are effectively having their quiz completed by others.
I suppose the satisfaction for most people like this is that they can boast to their friends that THEY have finished it and may win a prize. Sad.
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9th May 2009, 19:36
To be honest, I don't mind if someone is being lazy or not, I think there is enough room here to accommodate that and nobody is forced to answer.
If anything ruins this site it will be trying to impose rules. I think it has evolved quite nicely without them.
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9th May 2009, 19:43
No wonder you like it, it has turned into a site where every single answer that you cant get on AB is asked - not even giving clues
I would think that every answer has now been given to the rainbow quiz - what satisfaction are people getting from that - surely it isnt just desperation to win a prize so will someone tell me why!
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9th May 2009, 19:44
Trevor is right. It is hard to say whether this site is more important to those who want answers or to those who give answers. We don't need rules (but we do need common sense).
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9th May 2009, 19:51
itsashame. when you say \"No wonder you like it\" do you mean me? If so I don\'t get your point at all.
Also whatever harmless satisfaction people get is entirely their own business, why should you care so much
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9th May 2009, 19:53
At the moment it seems to me like a site where people arent doing the quiz but are keen to look clever by giving the odd answer - often quite obviously just copied from AB as even the explanations match

Some of us would be lost if all the good quizzes stopped and I do think that will happen. Why should a setter spend hours setting one for everyone to send them in all correct. I know you will say they are still getting the money but if the standard of questions dropped will as many still buy it
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9th May 2009, 19:54
I agree, wholeheartedly, with Terry and Trevor. I find this a most enjoyable site to visit and do my best to help anyone who is stuck with any type of questions. Sometimes I am able to do so, but most often I am as bemused as the original questioner.
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9th May 2009, 20:09
first you say "it has turned into a site where every single answer that you cant get on AB is asked"(is that why you come here,for the ones you can't get from AB?)
then you say some answers are "quite obviously just copied from AB"
Why don't you stick to AB
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9th May 2009, 20:51
I find it extremely odd that the people who come to this site merely to complain never seem to post threads or attempt to answer queries, so just why do they bother? Perhaps they are needful of answers they cannot find on AB but would like things neatly tied up with headings so they don't have to go through other threads to find what they need? Half the fun of this site is being able to spend a little free time reading peoples' comments and answers, and there is nearly always something interesting to read and information to find out, especially the answers posted by Trevor and JimC to name just two, who go out of their way to give explanations for their answers. Everything you read is knowledge and you never know when that knowledge could be helpful for future crosswords, quizzes etc. or just for the fun of knowing.

I really don't believe that itsashame, Cleopatra, Mr. Griffin, milder or Frustrated set up this site, unless they are pseudonyms for "Ash" who apparently did, so how can they possibly know what that gentleman/lady's intention was when he/she did? And what right do they have to try and change something that is a way of spending a pleasant afternoon or evening for the vast majority of us in order for it to conform to the criteria of AB, which, although at times is interesting, most of the time is boring, unpleasant and downright rude to the people who find the need to start off their questions with an apology for having had to ask. There is absolutely nothing that says you have to read the threads posted, if you open one and it is not to your liking it is a matter of seconds to close it and move on to the next, or leave the site completely. Unless there is something fundamentally wrong with you, you read because you want to not because you have to.
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