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20th April 2009, 22:49
Not holidays, JaimeBe.......visitors!!!!! As my PC is in one of the spare bedrooms it has been really traumatic, you can hardly go in and drag people out of bed because you've had a sudden thought and it's really not nice to say to relatives, forgodsakesgoawayandleavemealoneI'mtryingtoTHIIINK!, now is it? Three whole days of cooking, chatting, eating, drinking and sightseeing (not necessarily in that order) have left me suicidal or homicidal or any other idal you can come up with. Still, the quiz is finished and sent off, with big thanks to Lizziminto for clue No. 19 which was driving me crazy. Thanks also to all the rest, MD, GingerHendry, Trevor, JimC, Wombat, Topsy and everyone else for all the entertainment over the last couple of weeks (and you of course my Main Thinking Man). It's a bit of an anticlimax now that the baby has grown up and left the nest so to speak. The DT's, Mephistos and weird little numbers on the threads don't mean an awful lot to us over here so it's going to be a long time to wait until September. I did mosey round to the "other place" once but it is so totally depressing with all the bickering and backstabbing going on with GuyFawkes or DaiFawkes or DieQuietly or whatever his name is that I rapidly left them to it. I shall still come around to make sure the Juliet is on straight and to see if the Chardonnay level has reached dangerous levels, so in the words of the immortal somebody or other, "I'll be back" Two words....... A---L-/--H---Z-----E-!!!!!
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20th April 2009, 23:51
Campy old girl,

Jaimebe here, look what you've done to me, you've made me change my name.

I must admit I have truly enjoyed our exchanges over the last few weeks during everyones efforts to crack the Rainbow quiz and I had looked forward to a continued enjoyment of our bantering in regard to other crossword and quiz queries.

However, your last posting has an almost, "cheerio, I'll be back in September" message about it. I hope this is down to my misinterpretation and you do, in fact, intend to continue bringing some sanity, or more importantly, some insanity, to this forum.

I am sure that I am not the only one amongst the ones you mention, and others that you don't, who would miss your contributions
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21st April 2009, 00:03
Ohmigod..........out comes the "muckender" again!! Less of the "soft soap" my man, it's only "cupboard love". I'll be taking the "wooden spoon" to you if you're not careful. Of course I'll be around "pannikin" and boiling up like a "pressure cooker" or wound up like a "corkscrew". It's not "curtains" yet. I'll still be thinking of clues when I'm in the "scullery", slaving over the "kitchen sink". And let's see what DieQuietly can make of this one, he's probably rocking in a corner on the "doorstep" by the "postern" by now!
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21st April 2009, 00:17

I hope we can go on meeting like this

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