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24th March 2009, 21:56
44d Concerning condition, of course, still in operation(7)
Concerning = On.
Condition, of course = going (horse racing term)

44a Starting (opening) to read US magazine (TIME)when locals (pubs) start business. opening time.
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24th March 2009, 22:06
p.s. I'm guessing that there was, or is, a famous cricketer called Gandhi - hence the "Indian spinner" part of the clue.

p.p.s. I think 30d Silver-haired balding?(4)
is a v good clue
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big dave

24th March 2009, 22:09
I think you have done an excellent job Trevor.

We are having a big debate behind the scenes of the blog at the moment on what to call these clues. Some say they are &lit (and literally so) and others prefer all-in-one. We are leaning towards the latter at the moment as being more descriptive.

Basically, if the wordplay uses up all the words in the clue, and then you have to read the clue again to get the definition, then it is this type of clue. The "?" is optional in the UK, although preferred in the US. I am preparing a guide to add to the blog, but it's a harder task than I first thought.

You can read more here: but no single source is definitive. An excellent example came up today on this forum:

@Rob - you will probably get more help on this forum from people who don't do this puzzle than from people who do, which is why we ask you to give the clues. Placed letters also help in case your answer is, perish the thought, incorrect.
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24th March 2009, 22:37
Thanks Big Dave,
some nice links there.
For what it's worth, I prefer "all-in-one" I think it sounds(and reads) better, and is a bit more self explanatory.

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24th March 2009, 23:21
Thanks for your help. I feel suitably chastised about the lack of clues.
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26th March 2009, 13:02
Ghandi, and his followers, adopted the practice of only wearing clothes made from material they had spun themselves. Consequently, the spinning wheel was added to the Indian national flag on independence. Hence the reference to \"Indian spinner\"
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26th March 2009, 13:07
thanks for that Me
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26th March 2009, 13:26
I'd like to thank BigDave, Trevor, Pooksahib, Carravagio etc. for their concise explanations of clues. I have tackled cryptic crosswords for a number of years; my only way of checking solutions being to look up the answer the following day. I have never had the reasoning explained and have had to work it out alone. Since visiting this forum though, I have found out more to the run of clues than ever before.
Big Dave - I particularly liked the reference to the Guardian clue(s) given last week and have visited these pages gleaning the information and who knows? maybe one day I'll be able to finish the Times/ Guardian unaided.
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big dave

26th March 2009, 14:56
Wombat, you are always welcome. When you get to "a certain age" then you can derive much pleasure from passing on just a little of the knowledge that you have acquired.

If you ever need help with any of the Telegraph crosswords, then come and join the gang on my blog at In less than two months we have built up to over 1000 hits every day, but more are always welcome!

Don Manley, the setter for today's Toughie, was one of our visitors.
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