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5th April 2010, 17:33
Anyone else doing this? - got off to a good start but could do with some hints(not answers thanks)

1D Struggles with English during exams(6)


Special instructions: In 10 squares the across and down solutions clash. In each of these cases, to achieve a satisfactory resolution, you will need to 1 across 25.

This basically means that one(hopefully no more than that) of the above letters could be wrong1
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5th April 2010, 18:51
Hi Ixion - I finished this quite early, and submitted it. I don't want to spoil your fun, just to tell you that's not too bad, once you've realised how to treat the answers - if indeed I've got that right. You really need to get 1 and 25 ac, but even that doesn't tell you what to do. Let me tell you that it is an anagram. Get a few answers down, and see what happens! Good luck - but please do indicate how you're getting on with it.
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5th April 2010, 18:53
...and on a bright note - only one letter in any word is affected.
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5th April 2010, 19:06
Thanks for that...

I've got (I think) 1,25Ac - 6 clues unsolved 5 of which will be "clashes" - all on left hand side of puzzle - no progress for a while but will persevere!
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5th April 2010, 19:16
The big thing - I think - is to decide how to 1 and 25 ac.
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6th April 2010, 00:24
OK AJT - successfully followed the instruction for the six clashers I had - I'm still left with a hard core of 4 clues(all clashers)which continue to elude me.

15A ?O?T?(G)
19A ??E?E?(V)
29A ??A?(X)?
18d ???(W)?E??

presumed clash bracketed - have I gone wrong somewhere?

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6th April 2010, 08:46
Hi AJT & ixion, as you've both solved 1 & 25ac please could you give me a couple of pointers to the answer (rather than the actual answer)? I know AJT said it was an anagram but I'm struggling to see which words make up the anagram and what the answer relates to (apart from somwhere in the Home Counties?).

Thanks a lot!
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6th April 2010, 09:30
Good morning to you both -sorry fot the delay in a reply, but I've only just arisen - first cup of coffee st hand.

Ixion - no, all the letters you have are correct. If you've already completed 6 of the clashers, you must know what you need to do? Simon G -the anagram is se (home counties) and petitfrenchfield. But I don't know how Ixion found it, but for me it didn't tell me what to do - you have to decide that.

Good luck
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6th April 2010, 09:38
Thanks AJT, if I can presume on your time a little more - am I looking for a phrase that means "Find a mean"? I assume "marshall" is the anagram indicator?

Thanks again.
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6th April 2010, 09:44
Yes, that's more or less what I was considering. I was lucky, in that the third word came immediately to mind, then, as they say, the rest was easy. BUT you then still have to decide what to do with the clashes.
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