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9th February 2010, 16:15
No, I haven't done it. I just wanted to put the marker down first. You may be interested to know that on that other site there are already four people asking for answers on this. They don't want to put much effort in, do they? No, I haven't looked at the answers!
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9th February 2010, 16:22
We posted at about the same time. Checked the other site and a couple of the requests were for the easier clues. I agree with your sentiments. Whats the point. I only use this site (not the other) when I am really really stuck and usually after having slept on it.(the clue not the site!)

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10th February 2010, 13:45
So is it only ok to share when YOU need help? Thank goodness for the kinder people on 'the other site' then.
And who's to say 'they' only wanted help on the 'easier' ones? Maybe they've got precious few minutes to spare. It's all down to time, and is just a bit of fun surely.
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10th February 2010, 14:36
Hi Bees & Philip,

I note the dissenting voice in our midst! Alan is, of course, entitled to his opinion but, on Saturdays, I attempt the Telegraph General Knowledge crossword after I've completed the cryptic puzzle.

In recent months, I have only been able to complete it with the aid of the Google search engine and I have become extremely irritated by finding some of the clues posted by visitors to 'the other site' when the answer, if they could be bothered to scroll down, is on that same page!

Ah! That's better... I was late starting this week but it's finished and I dispute that the answer to 21a is an 'isle'. Surely it should be a 'promontory'?

Best wishes,

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10th February 2010, 14:40
I think you are missing the point. I have no objection to helping anyone, particularly if its a last difficult clue.

If you venture onto the otherside, you will see the same people keep asking for clues for the same crossword. A couple of weeks ago, someone asked for 10 clues in half an hour and they only had one letter in each. the rest were question marks. its noticeable that this happens more and more for prize crosswords.
I very rarely ask for help but I am always grateful when it comes.
So what I am saying is people should at least make the effort before requesting answers. Generally this happens on this site, where most people are really struggling, but not on the other side where in the end, others do most of the work. Where's the fun in that?
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10th February 2010, 14:56
I have the fifteen letter answer, the the thirteen letter answers and I almost put Cartwright for 5 down. I don't yet look for any answers (anywhere on PC), bur I always seem to get any answers after long struggles - by asking for them here.
I have lots more to do than this puzzle: reading
the paper and watching telly.
However I do enjoy reading your comments here.
Be good.
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10th February 2010, 16:22
What annoys me is that people don't want to put any real effort in to thinking about the answers. If they can't get it straight away they get on to AB. They can't even be bothered to check if it has already been asked. I've seen the same clue asked for 6 times.
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10th February 2010, 16:32
I agree with Bees: surely the point is to stretch the mind a tad - and to enjoy doing so. The sense of satisfaction from cracking a clue (after sometimes hours of puzzling) is so much greater than that from 'borrowing' someone else's hard work. I've stopped looking at AB because I get so irritated by the lazy buggas.
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11th February 2010, 09:48
I also stopped answering questions on AB some twelve months ago for the same reasons. Maybe AB should be renamed Another Bed-presser.
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11th February 2010, 15:07
Got it done today. Had a problem with the 'y' at the end of the day (15 down) but changed it from
'ing' and it slipped together.
Good day.
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