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26th January 2010, 12:54
a forum is usually meant to mean a place for discussion.

Is it just me or has this forum just degenerated into a "give me the answer to........." type of answer site - just like the dreaded Answerbank ?

What happened to clues and help to solve questions rather than out and out answers ?

Don't let the lazies and quiz "mercenaries" take over this site too !
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26th January 2010, 13:19
I prefer to give clues to quizzes, but usually someone just uses that clue and answers anyway, so am aittle reluctant to do that. I always thought that quizzers preferred the hunt for the answer or they wouldn`t subscribe to a quiz.

I see crosswords in a slightly different way (I am probably wrong) and will give answers if I can, with an explanation if it seems required.

These are purely my views and I know they may be at odds with others.

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mark anthony

26th January 2010, 15:42
Cleo my dear, you have been coming out with sanctimonious humbug for several thousand years now. Do you ever think of giving it a rest?
ps. Give my love to the kids
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26th January 2010, 16:08
I suppose it's all a matter of your perception of the site, as in "A funny thing happened to the Forum on its way to me..."
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26th January 2010, 16:15
If this carry on continues we shall be forced to close the forum down. Humour this dodgy cannot be allowed on tinternet.


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26th January 2010, 16:17
I thought it was a perfectly valid question and statement worthy of discussion but it appears the comedians live and reign!
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big dave

26th January 2010, 16:39

It is a perfectly reasonable question to ask.

I recently wrote to the editor of AnswerBank suggesting that they could have one of their polls on whether their clientelle would like explanations with the answers to cryptic clues, so watch their space!!
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26th January 2010, 16:41
Hi Cleo
A tad boring.
I would answer your questionS in order as:
1) no
2) i don't know

ps. what is a quiz mercenary?
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26th January 2010, 16:52
Quiz mercenary.

Someone who sends for prize quizzes, is either too stupid or lazy (or both)to finish them themselves and asks for all the answers on sites like these.

Well intentioned people then merrily supply them thus saving them the bother.

Quizzes are then completed and sent off with the hope of winning the cash.

Cheats prosper and "honest" quizzers who leave blanks are then relegated to the also-rans and have no chance of winning anything !

Simples !
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26th January 2010, 17:15
Hi Cleopatra,

I think that it's a very good point that you've made and if you visit Big Daves's Telegraph Crossword Blog - - you will find that only hints are given on Saturdays and Sundays when it's a prize crossword.

On Saturdays and Mondays, when I attempt to complete the Telegraph's two general knowledge crosswords, I quite often have to use the Google search engine to find an answer and it's amusing to note that there are people who take the time to post the question on Answerbank when, more often than not, the actual answer is staring at them on the same page...

If I know that the crossword is a prize crossword, I will only give hints.


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