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6th March 2014, 22:36
All answers relate to animals of the Dog family

14 said to eat the sun or moon during an eclipse [3,7]
23 this theatre play stared 6 alsatians [5,2,3,4]
29how many spots in total were involved in the rescue by Anita and Rogers pets [3]

Thank you for any help
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6th March 2014, 22:46
14 The Tiangou (Heavenly Dog in Chinese mythology).
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6th March 2014, 22:49
could 29 be 101?
Anita and Roger Radcliffe are characters from 101 Dalmations.
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6th March 2014, 23:03
23 Going to the dogs (1986, by Wim T Schippers)
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6th March 2014, 23:28
Ernie - It states quite clearly on the quiz sheet not to ask for help on sites like this before the middle of April. Why are you ignoring that?
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7th March 2014, 09:13
Nexus some people don't care about what quiz setters ask . Some of them don't even buy quizzes. They just give answers so people will think they are clever.
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7th March 2014, 09:19
Why bother doing the work when you know someone else will do it for you in an effort to impress.

Unfortunately I have two colleagues in the former category and one in the latter.

I'm not sure any of them are on my Christmas card list.

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7th March 2014, 10:35
oops my apologies an oversite
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7th March 2014, 14:19
i'm new to this so far freindly site and didn't that realise i might get insults for trying to help asomeone. i would now do more to annoy chorley9,
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7th March 2014, 14:39
Albert, firstly Welcome and trust me this is a friendly site. Chorley's response may have turned wrongly on the ones who answered a bit , I don't really see it that way.

Those who answer do not know the rules of the quiz nor the requests of the setter - Ernie has owned up to an oversight, fair enough but in general I am in favour of abiding by the rules of the quiz, apart from an occasional query re wrong letter counts for example.

I love to be first in with an answer and have occasionally fallen foul of a misleading question title before realising it is not a crossword, at least in this case the correct quiz title was given.

Don't give up on us. :-)
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