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8th March 2014, 04:54
Hi chorley9 & georgeiii.
I hope you both haven't forgotten that this a "help forum".
I find your comments rather demeaning to those that offer assistance.
Not everyone has the "quiz" in front of them and as such would not know what the setter has requested.

In this case the original "poster" has admitted fault.

Other members of the forum do not supply information to those that request it just to prove "superior intelligence" as you both seem to indicate.
"Some people like to assist others".
Maybe this is not a characteristic either of you share.

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8th March 2014, 07:57
The site is called Crossword help forum and those who use it like that really help people. As for the asker not realising this is not the first time they have asked one that says on the sheet please do not ask on forums
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8th March 2014, 09:56
Albert I find your reply far from friendly I find it quite insulting. I am not the only person who commented on asking on a quiz that requested no asking, so why single me out.
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8th March 2014, 14:49
I agree with keenquizzer. The OP has done this before so whilst he has apologized, does it really mean as much as someone who has just had an oversight and missed the quiz rules? Many of the people who provide answers do not have that particular quiz (for whatever reason), so they would be unaware of the quiz rules. The onus must be on the OP to abide by the rules of the quiz-after all they presumably comply with other rules, entry date and fee, so why not the "no asking" element?

Chorley9 - this works both ways. The Heage quiz says no asking, but you don't seem to have followed that rule have you?
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8th March 2014, 15:04
Aldo Bear please get your facts right.

I did not ask for an answer I asked if anyone had found the answer. I also asked on a private site that has approx. 16 members.
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8th March 2014, 15:24
No you didn't ask for an answer, but you got a clue that was so easy, it may as well have been the answer. Private site it may be, but as far as I know it's still part of the internet? If you're going to criticism people for asking, surely you need to abide by the same rules?
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8th March 2014, 16:25
Help on a help forum? whatever next!
chrorley9, what kind of reply did you expect to your snide comment. I am sorry I singled you out, Georgeiii was also unnecessarily sour towards me for trotting out some useless trivia. Who on earth would be impressed by this?
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8th March 2014, 16:33
Aldobear just for the record I already had the answer before the clue was posted.

I also think there is a big difference between a site with 16 people and the hundreds that must be on Answerbank and Crossword Clue Solver.
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8th March 2014, 16:40
If you had the answer, there was no need to post in the first place. If you got it after you posted, that just shows what perseverance does for you.

On your other point, I would respectfully point out that you are still getting someone else to give you the answer or a rather obvious clue - the size of the internet site is irrelevant. The crux of the problem is that you ignored the quiz setters request, yet criticized someone else for doing the same on another quiz.
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8th March 2014, 16:47
As I too commented and to a point singled you out Chorley (though only in regard to the dig at answerers, I feel they should be left out of this) - it is an age old problem and will never be resolved to the satisfaction of all.

What is sad to see here is things getting personal and mentions of what he/she said /did on another site - I see no need for that at all.

We quizzers are a funny lot ( well I am funny full stop - but that's another story) and we hold our favourite quizzes close , best that I try is to point out closing dates if they are far away and setters wishes if stated - after that it is up to the individual.

Please don't fall out about this.
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