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26th December 2009, 17:25
Thanks for that. One more reason to buy Chambers, although I've been resisting for years.
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26th December 2009, 17:38
Aaaah! Sansculotterie was the only one I couldn't get. I always like to start the Christmas special on Christmas Day itself, so having to wait since Saturday was torture. I'd also commend the previous sentiments about Araucaria and Chambers (a very battered 1998 edition.)
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26th December 2009, 17:40
And no Guardian Xword on the Web today?
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26th December 2009, 23:12
The Guardian was not published today (26th), so no crossword.
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28th December 2009, 12:25
Davidinmadrid - My Collins'Millenium Edition' (thanks, Guardian about ten years ago!)tells quite a lot about "sansculotterie"; i.e. French Revolutionaries who could not afford knee-breeches.
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1st January 2010, 04:50
keith14: you did bloody well to get the answers without knowing what the numbers and letters in brackets meant!
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